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With business leaders and entrepreneurs, we provide rich contents and materials on how to start, grow, and monetise businesses. While there are series of business guides on the internet, we make ours superb by providing an array of applicable guides from successful and loyal entrepreneurs.

Why Choosing Us?

If you would love to start a viable business or grow your existing one, we have you covered. With support, guides, and proofs from business leaders, we serve tailored contents (texts & videos) to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, who will love to own a flourishing business.

As the known financial guru, Robert T. Kiyosaki rightly admonished, “If it doesn’t make you money, it’s not an asset, it’s a liability,” we provide proven (and directly applicable) contents that will help you earn money from your business without affecting its status.

We Also Cover,

News & trending:

We gather trending news from trusted news portals and internet media to serve reviews to our loyal readers in order to help them move with the right trend and sustain their businesses in an acceptable manner.

In our news & trending, we cover common topics, which include Agriculture, Technology, Internet, Startup, Investment, Economy, Global Trade, Crypto, and so forth.

Career & Lifestyle:

What differentiates the riches is their mindset, the ability to tailor their habit to obey the cardinal rules of entrepreneurship. On our magazine, we provide detailed and proven guides on Relationship, Health, Self Improvement, and Fashion & Beauty.

Product & Tools:

Having used a product or tool, we add it to our compiled reviews in order to best provide our readers with the best tools that will facilitate their entrepreneurial activities and improve their productivity.

Digital Magazine (monthly)

We publish stunning business and life solutions in a compiled magazine issue every month. Similar to our frequent contents, our monthly issues are filled with direct and more detailed information that will help in driving your business and lifestyle to your desired path. It’s quite affordable as we charge on a monthly basis.

Our Milestone

As written above, we set to move our readers with what works in the world of business. To best provide ameliorative contents, we focus our tentacles on Africa.

We’re striving to build a trustworthy repository and a credible point of reference for all existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa and the world at large.