6 Magical Tactics to Win People’s Hearts: Top Advertisers’ Secrets

6 Magical Tactics to Win People’s Hearts: Top Advertisers’ Secrets

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Life becomes perplexing, business becomes tormenting, relationships become exasperating, if the ability to win people’s hearts is missing.

As Henry Ford rightly advised, If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from other person’s angle as well as from yours,” there simply isn’t any shortcut than striving to match into the hearts of people.

Let’s start with you. Have you ever imagined why you don’t like to patronize that man or woman that sells the kinds of stuff you need around your residence, office, or school? Because you don’t like what they sell? Probably, NO.

The reason is that they haven’t made it up to your heart; that’s because they don’t know how to win people’s hearts. And you might have simply concluded ‘Oh! That man does not know how to approach’, ‘Hush! That woman is not friendly at all’, then you stopped patronizing them. You are not faulty, they are – they didn’t give it what it takes to win your heart.

You’ve probably experienced or been in a relationship that makes you hate the good definition of having a partner. Yes, it happened because both parties didn’t spend their time to win each other’s heart.

No marketer will succeed if they don’t know how to gently win the hearts of their prospects.

The six (6) tactics in this article can best be applied in all fields of life where you need a genuine output in return

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The Tactics to Win People’s Hearts…

1. Show Genuine Interest

One of the popular complaints of suicide victims is “the absence of ‘sense of belonging’”, which tends to lower their self-esteem and tragically turns off their reason of wanting to seek more life.

If they could kill themselves because they weren’t recognized, imagine how happier they would feel if they were fortunate to see someone who knows how to win people’s hearts and was ready to show them genuine interest. They could simply give away their life to compensate the winner of their heart.

Dale Carnegie once wrote, You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

As a business person, don’t try to convince your prospects by explaining how viable your business is, rather; try to gain their attention by telling them how your business can best fulfil their desires. Let them feel the genuineness of your interest in them, and they will be left with no choice than embracing whatever you can offer.

Talking in terms of the other person’s interests pay off for both parties.”

__ Dale Carnegie

If your spouse isn’t doing your wish, don’t complicate issues by telling them how important you are. Instead, let them know you are lucky to have them and make them realize how interested you are in them.

In other words, to win people’s heart, always talk about what they like to listen to, and not what you like to say.

2. Approach with a Bright Smile

Tactics to Win People’s Hearts
Image Credit: Pixabay

No matter how interesting you think you are, people will find you alienating if your face isn’t always at ease. The best makeup you can wear on your face is a bright smile, and it’s the most effective tool to captivate the attention of any strange prospect.

Why do you think we feel attracted to kids? Because they mostly surround their face with a beautiful and genuine smile. That is it!

The moment you dress your approach with a smile, the subject will start to feel comfortable like they’ve known you for long.

I happened to be a sales agent for my co-written Educational Software. On getting to a school, I met with the headteacher, who instantly rejected whatever I might have to offer. Then, I demanded to see the founder of the school, who I was led to.

It’s Quite awesome to Know How To Win People’s Hearts

Before setting my eyes on the founder, I decided to soften my face to put on a bright and elegant smile. With a smile, I approached the woman saying ‘good afternoon ma.’ And she reciprocated with a harder smile. Throughout our conversation, I maintained my smiling mode. This led her to tell me a lot of confidential issues about her school. And she finally appreciated me for bringing the offer to her school.

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. __Chinese Proverb

With a smile, I was able to hit a good and meaningful sale, which is bringing us up to $3000 quarterly.

The trick? It may seem complicated to suddenly turn yourself to a smiling dude, especially when you’re experiencing ‘mood swing’. The trick is that you are human, and you can transform from one mood to another to gain what can completely make you a long-time happy creature.

Your smile is the messenger of your goodwill.” __Dale Carnegie

No condition should be able to hinder your progress, and nothing is bad to completely make it hard for you to throw out a bright smile, as Shakespeare rightly admonished, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

3. Be a Good Listener: Encourage Others to Talk About Themselves

 “A person’s toothache means more to that person than a famine in China which kills a million people.”

__ Dale Carnegie

You can’t improve your relationship with friends, family, clients if you love to always consume the whole hour talking about yourself. What should you do? Give them the chance to express their opinion.

In a night of 2017, I received a message on my phone, which was purposely written by a lady I met while training as a photographer. In her message, she pled me to make her happy by giving her a bit of my time and be as close to her as possible, because she would like to forget that she fell for any man in her life.

After reading the message, I was outlandishly short of motion. I started thinking ‘she wants to get closer to me’, ‘really?’, ‘but she wrote in her text that she doesn’t want to remember having any relationship with any man again’, ‘so, what’. My curiosity (mixed with perplexity) led me to put a call through to her.

In our conversation, she joyfully told me that she would love to have me as her best friend because I was good to be with. I wasn’t mesmerized by her utterances until she expressed to me how relaxed and happier she felt the day we met and (casually) talked in a wedding event – which I’d forgotten. It was then I realized how imperative it is to be a good listener.

 “A boil on one’s neck interests one more than forty earthquakes in Africa.”

__ Dale Carnegie

No matter how smart or fantastic you are in telling stories about your daily activities, people will not find you good to be with if you don’t give them the great opportunity to express their opinions and feelings.

4. Make Them Feel Important

Aside from wanting to have a sense of belonging, people crave for the sense of being important. Why does everyone want to be a hero? Ask a three-year-old kid what he or she would like to become at adulthood.

Whatever they say they want to become is what they currently think will earn them that ‘psychological’ feeling of importance.

To earn the best attention of your targeted prospect, make them feel important. And they will heartedly embrace your offer. Beware of being flattery, it sucks.

5. Cover Up With Respect

Who doesn’t like to be respected? Why do you put on nice outfits to events? Why do you talk gently and nicely to your neighbours? You surely want people to accord you descent respect.

The unvarnished truth is that almost all the people you meet feel themselves superior to you in some way, and a sure way to their hearts is to let them realize in some subtle way that you recognize their importance, and recognize it sincerely.”

__ Dale Carnegie

Just like you, everyone you meet or transact with will feel greatly amazing whenever they receive certain respect from anyone. And you know the gravitation it leads? Being respected will always want them to give you their full attention in order to pay for your awesome treatment.

To paint your action with a respectful attitude, inculcate the habit of concatenating ‘SIR’ or ‘MA’ before, or at the end of your utterances.

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6. Pay with appreciation

Tactics to Win People’s Hearts
Image Credit Pixabay

Being thankful is outstandingly effective if you would like to retain the positivity of all people you deal with.

Let anyone cheerfully say ‘thank you sir’ or ‘thank you ma’ after making a purchase from them, and you will have no reason to abort your transaction with them – it’s natural. The power of appreciation cannot be overrated.

To win the best of your spouse, friends, neighbours, boss, clients, throw them true, warm appreciation for any bit of positive actions they make. They will simply want to give you more than the previous.

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Bottom Line: Having read this post, what should happen next? Do you need to completely alter your lifestyle? Of course yes, if the need be. You’ve got nothing positive if your attitude is keeping people alienated from you.


To best win people’s hearts, treat them the way you will love to be treated.

Never show your clients how eager you are to sell out your product, or how advantageous it will be on your side. Instead, sincerely show them how lucky they will feel to have your product – let them realize how deeply your interest in them is, and they will happily want to will their soul for you.

~~To nature, relationship is outstanding –and so should it be to you. Strive to win your partners’ hearts by using the psychological tactics in this article. Good luck!

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