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We’ve been receiving different emails that concentrate on ‘how to become an entrepreneur’, so, the trigger of this article will be pulled to shoot out the original note on how to become, not just an entrepreneur, but a reputable one.

It should be to clear that being rich is quite different from being an entrepreneur.

Who is an entrepreneur?

The word entrepreneur originated from the French word entreprendre, which means, to undertake. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, entrepreneur refers to one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

In a simple term, an entrepreneur is a business person that possesses the mental toughness to endure difficulties over a long period of time.

Being an entrepreneur is always interesting to someone with core stamina to move towards great risks.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, and reputable entrepreneurs take risks that are worth it.

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Below are ten traits that’ll make you a reputable entrepreneur.

How to become a reputable entrepreneur

1. Passion

Starting a business may be a lot easier than running it.

After starting a business, it may turn out that things are not moving as planned; it’s normal. If this comes up, your emotion will force a spirit to tell you to dump that business for another one, then, your primary focus to promote that business will fade off, you’ll start another business and the same thing will reoccur.

But, if the business you’ve started is what you’re passionate about, you’ll be courageous to push harder, as you will find it interesting and promising.

So, if you’re starting a business that you aren’t passionate about, you’re just a business starter and not an entrepreneur.

2. Determination

What comes first before any step towards success is determination. Just like soldiers at war front, they find it difficult to fight heavily armed enemies, but they will not turn back because they have core determination that they will conquer their enemies before returning home – no retreat, no surrender.

You want to go into the business because you’re ready to achieve certain objectives, not because you want to test the journey. Be ready to face any consequence that comes up in any vertex of the business.

3. Creativity

Reputable entrepreneurs don’t always do things the way their competitors do.

The marketplace is floored with people who have different skillsets – everyone wants to make points.

In this case, reputable ones will study the pros and cons of the existing approaches, and will come up with their new and unique approach that’ll make it easy for them to draw the attention of the market.

Creativity is not a habit of choice, rather, it’s a compelling quality for a solid and reputable entrepreneur.

4. Competitiveness

Like it or hate it, the industry is full of competition – you’re coming to join the race. As a reputable entrepreneur, you’re left with no choice than to muster your courage to compete with existing businesses in your industry. Competition, in this sense is not to tell you to be battle-minded, it’s simply an inevitable weapon to outsmart other people that have the same aims and objectives as you do.

If you don’t have the courage or spirit to run the competitive race, don’t start any business, because you’ll be directly or indirectly oppressed to blow off your huge capital.

5. Open mindedness

Being in business is far away from being in secret cult, you don’t have to be so mute about your methods and approaches, you need people to confide in.

Reputable entrepreneurs go extra length in finding knowledgeable and profit-oriented people that will constantly review their business algorithm, and correct the possible flaws in their drawn business plan. As an entrepreneur, you need to get rid of all creeds that deprives you from topping up your business skills, because you basically can’t do without learning.

6. Discipline

Entrepreneurs don’t spend lavishly, but they are equally not misers. They are basically disciplined, meaning that they do things according to their sketched protocols.

Discipline is what orders you to work when your mind tells you to quit. This is a core tool that determines the tone of any company; if you’re disciplined, you will be able to promote the financial status of your business, but if you’re not, it will be quite unfortunate that your business will rapidly become a speech of the past.

But discipline is very difficult to manage because of the inevitable endowment, known as EMOTION, that’s why business amateurs mix business with pleasure.

To stay cleanly disciplined, business experts have worked to create numerous business ethics, from business plan to cash flow; they don’t really practice discipline, they honor business etiquette, that’s why they remain disciplined.

7. Strong work ethics

Entrepreneurs don’t work from 8 to 4, or 10 to 3, but they work 24/7. They’re committed to working even when they ought to go on a break; their brain is always working even when they’re practically relaxing.

To become a reputable entrepreneur, you need to inject your blood with working spirit, the spirit that will force you to always wanting to lead the league in your industry.

8. Confidence

Even if they’re just starting, they have the strong and solid confidence in their business plan and cash flow structure.

Reputable entrepreneurs are always eager to make thorough consultation before utilizing their newly developed approach, however, they are confident that their new tactics are capable of driving more traffic than the usual.

Confidence is an imperative trait that forces entrepreneurs to rethink on their marketing and promotion strategy that’s not working as planned, rather than getting frustrated to leave the marketplace. Believe in yourself!

9. Self starter

Entrepreneurs feel comfortable to invent business opportunities and ideas, because they are originally business oriented. It’s officially recorded that every successful business is always started from the brain of one person before spitting it out to gifted partners or investors; we call it business idea.

To match into the respectable atmosphere of reputable entrepreneurs, you need to be able to think of inventing applicable solutions that will either solve a particular problem, or replace the existing solutions.

10. Mental toughness

As rightly asserted, one vital quality that makes you a strong and reputable entrepreneur is the mental toughness to endure difficulties over a long period of time. No one will tell you to start a business that has no tough times, because there is frantically none. One main reason that makes entrepreneurs to invest in their business is to make money, but they don’t want to make the money over a single night, rather, they’re determined to sow before they reap.

As an entrepreneur, you strongly need to strive to foster the spirit of effort, which will allow you to quickly adapt with any unpleasant situation in the business world. Don’t give up!

So, what next?

Now, scan your mind if you have the narrated traits. Do you have few or all of the traits? If yes, you’re good to go. If NO, and you still want to be part of the loop, you sincerely need to blend your personality.

Business Reminder:

To best pilot your business to your chosen direction, you need to do five (5) things – only then you will become a reputable entrepreneur of our digital century. Following are the four tactics.

1. Be internet vast

Internet has the best to offer if you want promote your business, from learning to advertising.

The world of technology is rapidly producing different source of knowledge via the internet, and it’s compelling for every aspiring entrepreneur to invest effectively in knowledge seeking.

The internet has the best paid and free resources, where you can learn what’s new, and what works in promoting your industry. In other words, internet marketing will be the best shot to promote your business as quick as you wish.

2. Be profit oriented

Entrepreneurs don’t always chase money, they chase profit. If you want to be rich over night, you don’t need to become an entrepreneur, but I don’t know what you have to become. While planning your business, outline certain tactics that will help your business to attract profit.

3. Be dynamic

flowing water never go straight away, be formless!

_Bruce Lee.

Learn to review your business approach from time to time in order to correct existing flaws, and devise new techniques. Don’t be stagnant!

4. Be Natural

You can take after Bill Gates’ steps, but you can’t be Bill Gates, you can only be yourself. Discover the originality in you, and polish your habit to be better in your industry.

5. Be pride-free

Arrogance is not part of the life you’ll want to live. Entrepreneurs are always easy and good to be with. They don’t feel atop of the whole world; rather, they try to meet and associate with people who may contribute to the growth of their business.


Being an entrepreneur will be amazingly easy if your skill set is stunning. It’s a solid journey that requires deep knowledge.

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