10 Proven Tips to be Fluent in English

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It pays to be fluent in English.

English is a widely-known language,  which has gained an impressive score in the league of recognized languages, as it’s best spoken by more than 360 million native speakers, and over 600 million foreign speakers. It has been chosen as an official language in up to 67 countries (according to Wikipedia).

As a business practitioner, it’s imperative to know how to speak fluently, as it’s quite important to learn how to speak English.

This post will ultimately walk you through how to become a fluent speaker.

Quick Intro: Be fluent in English!

The tips in this post turned me into a fluent and confident speaker. I’m still learning though.

I am Adeoti Nurudeen (author of this post). I was born and raised in a village, where I attended a local school of a ridiculous standard.

I couldn’t speak good English, even after my years in secondary school. But the story seems to have changed. To God be the glory. If I can, you too can.

Below are the magic-like tips; no magic is here, anyways.

The 10 Proven Tips to be Fluent in English

1. Don’t Give a Damn

I started speaking when I stopped thinking about how people will judge my spoken.

You should also do that!

Stop holding yourself back because you are afraid of how people will see or judge you when you speak. It’s normal to make mistakes, and it’s normal to sound stupid; don’t be discouraged. Your dream belongs to you (not anyone’s), so chase it well.

2. Work on Your Pronunciation

What’s worth doing is worth doing well.

The best key that makes you stand out among other speakers is your good pronunciation. Learn how to pronounce different sounds (vowel and consonant) correctly.

Don’t force yourself to speak like someone else, as it’s going to negatively affect your spoken.

Good pronunciation will form you a better and natural accent.

3. Work on Your Grammar

Work hectically to possess the lexico syntactic resources (the knowledge of lexis and structure).

You seriously need to know when and where each word is used, in order to mitigate your chance of regular error.

You can start by learning the basics, which include the parts of speech, the figures of speech, concord, and so on.

4. Read Out Loud

Don’t read with mind, read with mouth, and make it sound to your ears.

Making sounds when you read makes it compelling for your brain to retain some useful words and sentences.

It also suppresses your nervousness, and therefore, boosts your confidence when you speak or converse in English.

5. Don’t be Lousy When You Speak

I discovered this when I started working as an instructor of programming in one tech company; explanation became so easy whenever I spoke gently.

You’ll sound horrible and aggressive when you speak too loud because your brain will focus on the volume of your communication and ignore the fluency.

Speak gently and orderly.

6. Learn New Words Every Day

English, according to Dele Ashade in his book, the invisible teacher, is a dynamic language that changes and improves with time.

Don’t be stagnant. Learn at least two new words each day. This will be quite easy if you have access to the internet or dictionary.

Doing this will enable you to feel confident and serious about your pursuit, and will help in widening your speaking knowledge.

7. Spend Time With Good Speakers

Staying with native or good speakers makes it naturally convenient for you to code-mix while speaking.

As a result, you will be able to speak quickly without having to crack your brain. It will also improve your knowledge and understanding of the English language.

8. Read Good Novels

Words and sentences are likely to be error-free in good novels.

Reading novels that are written by noble authors like Prof. Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, and the likes, will cement your heart around the usage of uncommon adverbs and adjectives; it will enable you to learn new and applicable words and sentences.

9. Watch English Programs & Movies

10 Proven Tips to be Fluent in English
Image Credit: Pixabay

Different scenes are usually compiled into a single movie.

Watching English movies will help you to quickly memorize different sentences that can be used in different scenes of life.

Consequently, you will be fine and steady while conversing in any situation that relates to a scene in a movie you’ve once watched.

Watching English programs will help you to match your reactions with your utterance whenever you speak.

10. Think in English

Your native language becomes so near because it has turned to your second nature.

Thinking and meditating in English makes you feel normal whenever you intend to converse in English; it takes away the thought that you want to speak a strange and difficult language.

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Final Words

Being fluent in English is ultimately helpful to your business, especially if you reside in Africa.

Work towards the sophisticated tips in this post and get yourself nothing to regret. Pay it forward!

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Adeoti Nurudeen
A Programmer | Chief Editor and Diamond Writer at Mutualpress Magazine.

Sharing is Caring