My wife doesn’t respect me anymore: Husbands complain this often – WHY?

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While some men do not care about how and why their wife comes up with a strange and sharp attitudes, perhaps due to their hectic business flow, a serious and loving entrepreneur  with still manage to checkmate the string of outlandishness in her soul-mate. The health condition of many relationships is deteriorating with quick effect. A true man of his definite plan will always see her wife’s respect towards him a great priority, as she has a vital role to play in boosting his lovely business. The moment he detects lack of respect in his wife’s attitude, he’ll rapidly come up with weak and sick thoughts – which may suddenly turn to lack of self esteem or complete loss of steady confidence.

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The main source as to why she’s acting only in her personal direction becomes nebulous to his understanding. Hence, he might be triggered to think thus: “in all my life, I’ve been thinking and striving to get the best match for my liking; someone that will find it easy to trace exactly my track. My steady prayer point was to get a wife who will understand me diligently and efficiently. And on a faithful day, I met with her, and thought joyously that my dream has come through, not knowing that I’ll later be proved wrong. When we first got married, I was convinced to myself that women are quietly not the same; as I’ve been endowed with a living evidence, who happened to be a noble resident of my home.

She used to understand my wishes even before I uttered any statement. She would tell me to drive her heart in line with my credo, because she was born to always obey my rules. She wouldn’t in no manner reconsider my commands before executing them. She preferred to cook my delicacies in order to give me a thorough sense of superiority. She would attentively listen to my utterances before chipping in her opinion. She simply did whatever I want without questioning the string of my command. But now, she’ll rather brute force me to accept her rule than allowing me to lay my Dos and Don’ts.

I can’t believe she’s the real person that I’ve been staying with for long. But WHY me? WHY her?”.

Okay, let’s outline some probable causes of action.

Friendship Infection : Chipping in the general and common believe of an average man.

An average man will resist his wife from making friends. He believes she will negatively  be infected with bad attitudes and dramatically choose to be arrogant, which he’ll never want to experience practically. Generally, a woman will in one way or the other learn few habits from her friends, which may tune her positively or negatively – depends on who the friend is.

Looking at the issue from this angle, I’ll personally advice the husband to control who his  wife goes out with, not refraining her from meeting with new people. Although, the risk of putting their home in danger in letting her move with different kind of friends cannot be overrated, because not all friends her there to ameliorate her hiccups. Some are definitely ready to contaminate her treatment towards her matrimonial compound. Nonetheless, women  are not to be restricted, but persuaded. Give her descent and convincing reasons to be selective in choosing who to mingle with.

In a scenario where her case is not related to what I call friendship infection, the husband then needs to carefully study her other actions except from the arrogance. To narrow down the task, we’ll classify her action types into two:

ACTION 1: Is she always concerned about getting your relationship destroyed?

If the answer to this is YES, she’s probably seeing someone already, and not care if you both break up. In this case she’s just staying at home because she doesn’t want to entertain the blame of separation. However, she’ll indirectly let the husband know that he means nothing to her any longer. Trying to solve this case will only worsen the whole case when she’s already made up her mind.

ACTION 2: Does she always want to have you around?

If despite her arrogance, she still want to have you very close to her, you can easily set her back to her previous habit. Thankfully, she’s still in love with you, she just want you to prove the real man in you by reading her silent and hazy messages. If you’ll agree with me, you will surely not want to throw her any blame regarding her action, else, she’ll deteriorate very quickly.

Her messages are best scanned below.

MSG 1: She feels neglected emotionally.

No one wants to be taken for granted. A wife will want to feel as though there’s an unbreakable emotional string between her man and her. If by any means she’s feeling emotionally distanced or neglected she’ll find it actable to  disrespect her husband. Women love to pay their men who treat them as though they don’t have time for any other thing with respect. To make her totally submissive and stand down her ego you need to draw her close to your best attention. Don’t allow her to feel unvalued for a moment. Taken? Good!

No one wants to be taken for granted. A wife will want to feel as though there's an unbreakable emotional string between her man and her. Click To Tweet

MSG 2: She feels you aren’t discharging your duties

As the head of the family there are certain responsibilities that are expected of you. The fact that your woman is working and earning massively should not stop you from carrying out your responsibilities as the husband. No one loves to be taken advantage of; not even your woman. The moment you plan to dodge your responsibilities, you’re systematically giving her the chance to think that you’re not responsible any longer, so, why will she continue to obey a cruel husband? She needs to be given a discernible reason that you’re a true man of your words. Pay your bills, children fees, and the likes. Even if she supports you she will value and respect your existence in her life.

MSG 3: She’s upset over a past conflict

It’s of no doubt that no marriage is perfect. There will surely be fair share conflicts in a relationship where the couples are of different backgrounds. Some women  are drastically hard to console, regardless of the number your SORRY(s). Some conflicts are flexible and can be wiped with mutual apologies, while some are adamantly stubborn; they will find their comfortable place to live in the relationship and struggle to establish sad feelings, especially in the heart of the wife. Don’t relent in letting her understand the fact that you’ve not blamed her for the dispute. Talk about your pain in experiencing the conflict, and don’t forget to let her tell you hers. That way, she’ll be left with nothing than a tangible reason to let go of her anger.

My wife doesn't respect me anymore: Husbands complain this often – WHY? Click To Tweet


Man, if you truthfully want her to value and respect your opinion, you have to tolerate her feeling come what may. Good luck!

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