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To every good entrepreneur, her home is the first priority.

A good wife who has been hectically working to retain love and happiness in her marriage may come up with a melancholic conclusion after noticing the changes in the treatment of her spouse towards her. This often follows the flame of a prolonged disagreement that might have sprung between the bounded couples. Of course, the conclusion is melancholic as it’s resulted from a melancholic mood. The hotness of temperature becomes static. Life becomes threatening. Everything around her seems odd and exasperating.

While thinking aloud, she might say, “When we just got married, he would do whatever it takes to see me smiling. We used to play like kids, gist like friends, plan like heroes. Even when we had no much money, we were able to afford the price for gladness by being together. I could frankly tell the whole world that I found an angel in disguise. He would rush to meet me at home after nearly running my battery flat with calls whenever he’s at work. He would hug me from behind, telling me that he couldn’t do without my existence in his life.

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My man was a real man of his words. He would strive to fulfill my heart desires even when I’d not tender any request. He would softly tell me that he knows what I want and when I want them. While eating my food, he would give me captivating complement like: Ho! babe, I must confess to you. You’re one of the best chefs of our digital century. After nearly exhausting his strength discharging his office duty, he would still have enough time to sit, gist and play with me. He used to tell me that his primary assignment of being in my life is to make me happy. And he did.

I could easily feel atop of the world seeing myself around him. Having known that he couldn’t do without me, I would stupidly do things to piss him off. But rather, he would gently hold my shoulder and placate me with full remorse. He used to show deep respect for my friends and relatives. He once told me that he’s not married to only me, but also to everyone that had made me feel good in life.

But now, he hardly looks into my eyes for few seconds when I greet him in the morning. He doesn’t call home to hear from me when he’s at work. I can’t remember when last he’s pecked me in the morning,not to talk of hugging me from behind while preparing the breakfast. Life is rapidly becoming a hot desert. How on earth will I be able to cope with this tragic situation? It’s been more than two times now that I’ve begged him to let’s retrieve our mutual love as it used to be, but he just tells me that nothing is wrong with our love, I should just stop pleading. Anyway, I will still try to plead with him this evening because I’d rather die than living with melancholy.”

A stitch in time saves nine. I’ve got you a viable solution

 My reader, if you are in the same or similar situation, you are simply not alone, so, clear your mind and read along. After dealing with series of marital issues, I can buoyantly tell what you’re going through. So, I commend your mutual effort for been ready to affix the hiccups. Just take a breath, smile. Are you with me? Good.

As a man, I can virtually tell you what loving and caring husbands expect from their spouse. Of course, nothing goes for anything. Your husband wanted the best for himself, his home, and your marriage at large; that’s why he would exhaust his energy trying to make you feel like you’re definitely an angel in disguise. If you really want to reclaim your majestic status you need to play some descent roles. Though, it’s worth it, but don’t’ just jump into conclusion – You’re a good wife. Aren’t you?

Ma’am,  If your man was actually in love with you (and not just infatuation), he should feeling the same way as you. If he’s always moody or quietly angry when you both are together, he’s definitely still in love with you. He’s just trying to pass you a simple message which he’d preferred not to say. So, you need to read him and comply with his wishes. Now, how do you comprehend his message when he has refused to spell out the root of his sudden changes? You can simply justify his action using the below outlined guide.

My concern is for you not to jump into conclusion, because you can still get things rolling in favor of your heart-wish. Marriage is pretty much more than a walk in the park. He’s finding it difficult to spit it out because the message is highly classified in his own view. Now the problem is like wanting an answer without asking any question. I’ve gotten five (5) probable issues that might have triggered his current action. If none of the following issues is not the case, I’m sure he would have told you what the issue really is.

Issue 1: You’ve betrayed his trust

If your man loves you, he will make himself available when you want and do not want his attention. He will try to run every edge of the planet to satisfy your wishes; all because he doesn’t want you to have any reason to cheat on him. The moment he notices that you’re doing dirty things behind him, he will come up with sad and hot feelings and finally concludes that he has no reason to keep caring for you. Caring  and loving husbands hate to be cheated come what may. Even if you tender an apology, their hearts will still be left unhealed. All you need is giving him a unique reason to trust you again.

Issue 2: You’ve not completely settled a dispute

Saying SORRY may not work in most cases after having a disagreement. To completely erase the great risk of running out of your sweet relationship, you both need to talk it out. Don’t ever forget to talk about the source of your misunderstanding even if you think it’s OK, it’s not okay until you both speak it out. Talk about how painful it was, and let him tell you his. Then, you can both say ‘I am sorry’.  

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Issue 3: You’ve unknowingly stopped your captivating action

Even when reasoning, there will be a reason. Let’s say your man chose to love you unconditionally, it still makes sense to know that he treats you majestically based on one or few reasons. Juxtapose your current action with the previous to know what used to do that makes him happy. Then make the necessary adjustment.

Issue 4: You’re not treating his family as he wishes

There’s actually nothing you can do to make him love you if you’ve not uniquely convinced him that you love his parents and relatives. Your husband will genuinely see you as a true member of his family when you show them true care  and love.

Issue 5: You’re not allowing him to have the say

No matter how close you both are, you need to let him retain the sense of superiority. Men will always be men. They always want to be the leading hero. If your man detects that you are acting over his rules and wishes he will quickly feel alienated towards you. Hence, you’re taking the risk of losing him at any time. Allow him to be in control ALWAYS.      

Dear Ma’am, don’t allow your career to overshadow your rightful joy at home. If you are lucky to have someone that cares for you than he does for himself, please don’t tyrannize him, but appreciate him. And the only tool to retain his nice treatments is  to reciprocate. Reciprocation is all you need. Do you understand? Good luck!

If you are lucky to have someone that cares for you than he does for himself, please don't tyrannize him, but appreciate him. Click To Tweet
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