15 Cool Ways To Make Money As A Programmer

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Believe it or not, you can, and will make money as a programmer.

People call you a programmer. You also know you are a programmer, but you aren’t doing well in term of what to spend.

Maybe you are even thinking of learning another thing entirely because programmers are not directly encouraged in Africa. My fellow, you’re close to your promise land.

Congratulations, you’ve chosen a lucrative profession. Programming is outstandingly good. You’ll make it. Don’t be deterred!

Below are 15 cool things, one of which enables you to unleash your potential and easily become the boss of your own thought.

The 15 Cool Ways To Make Money As A Programmer

1. Offer Your Services

What makes you a programmer isn’t limited to the ability to write a bunch of computer codes; rather, it’s the calculative ability that enables you to write problem-solving programs.

Having strived to learn a series of programming languages and tactics, you will still realize that you aren’t feeding yourself to your liking.

The key to succeeding straight away is to narrow down your focus and select a niche that best suits your wish. People need you to solve their existing problems, and they need you to offer them the required services to conquer their hiccups.

Steps To Offering Your Services

  1. Be ready to take it as your daily business.
  2. Make yourself a stunning website through which people can reach you.
  3. Connect your website with your social media platforms.
  4. Write blog content relating to your services.
  5. Run few adverts to quickly drive traffic to your website.
  6. Word of mouth will also do a lot.

You can make money as a programmer when you render services that include the building of company websites, mobile apps, desktop apps (standalone), and the list continues.

Though, this may not be as simple as it seems, but being a programmer you should be able to endure any challenge until you get to your planned destination.

With hectic effort, you should shortly start to earn massively. Good luck.

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2. Write And Sell eBooks

15 Cool Ways To Make Money As A Programmer
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Technology is rapidly touching the educational world. Students and instructors have switched their learning curve and sources to the internet.

As a programmer, I presume you have adequate resources and ability to gather rich and valuable contents in electronic books from which computer and ICT lovers can quickly learn. You sell and they buy!

Being an author is gorgeously cool and interesting. No college certificate is compulsory; your knowledge can do it.

3. Build And Manage Problem-Solving Web Apps

The power of programming cannot be overrated. When you sit yourself down, thinking of the number of online problem-solving programs, you may arrive at getting nothing than been demoralized; when you realize that almost real live problems have been programmatically solved.

If you can think squarely, you will genuinely realize that new problems are virtually coming up every day which will need someone like you to take the quick advantage in solving.

If the time to search for these new problems is not on your side, you can ultimately do well by applying your gathered tactics to retune the existing apps.

How To Do This

In your year of programming, you should have wrapped your brain around the thought of wanting to be the author of some globally selling web apps like FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, AMAZON, ALIEXPRESS, TWITTER, FREELANCER, UPWORK, and so on. The truth is; the thought can be published. All you have to do is penned below:

  1. Itemize your favourite applications with their pros and cons.
  2. Ask people about what they lack and list them.
  3. Pick out the one you would like to own. Then, do either of these:
    • Build your version of the selected app to focus a niche.
    • Build the version of yours to focus a specific location. OR
    • Build the exact version with your new and special features.

None of these ideas is easy to scale higher. Good luck fellow.

4. Produce Video Courses Online

Another cool thing that can make you rich quicker is to create programming or problem-solving video tutorial and sell it on popular LMSs like Teachable, Udemy, and so on.

This can fetch you handsomely regardless of numerous free content sources on the internet. You just have to take it as business and work on attracting the right audience to your courses.

5. Build And Sell Games

Game addicts can feed you for a century for building what they find stunning and mesmerizing.

All approaches to scale high in this business require lengthy time and effort, but you can ultimately hit the scale as time passes by.

6. Build A Web Hosting Server

The number of websites around the globe is rapidly growing, and I need not tell you that no website can be accessed without a particular web server.

With additional knowledge of networking, you can be the next little Hostgator.

The large number of hosting companies shouldn’t be your bottleneck. If you like it or not, someone, somewhere will still lunch their flourishing hosting company this year or maybe next. My fellow, it can be you!

7. Build An Online Subscription Application

Build an application that requires users to either subscribe before using or being a member.

There are numbers of web applications that’ll require you to pay a certain amount on monthly bases to be a fully recognized member or to gain access to their robust features. You can build a version of any of these apps with cheaper charge.

Numerous users will shift their usability to your app if it’s worth it.

Let’s say you charge $1 on a monthly basis and you’re able to get a million active subscribers, you can do the math.

8. Build And Manage An Advertisement Platform

All businesses around you need to be advertised. Build a traditional advertising platform, or better still, build an online version with a favorable algorithm. You’re a programmer, aren’t you?

You can do it. Maybe you don’t know how to go about this. Google is your friend.

9. Train People Around You

Gather ICT lovers in your neighbourhood, community, organization, institution or your relatives.

Enlighten them what programming is (if they are dogmas of the concept).

Tell them how awesome it is to be a programmer. Convince them via what you’ve built; then, tell them you can teach them at a cheaper price.

Don’t be discouraged if none of them is willing to pay a dime, try another approach.

Select those who are highly vocal and interested in your knowledge, and teach them free of charge. You shouldn’t be naive to teaching them in-depth; rather, teach to captivate their attention.

They will be eager to pay for the rest of the knowledge. Remember to select those that are vocal; so that they will help in bringing more students. Good luck techie.

10. Host Local Seminars

Some organizations and companies are drastically eager to get someone who will teach and sensitize them collaboratively.

You can approach them with your proposal, stating that you are ready to liberate and sensitize their members and staff on the accurate use of the internet (or the like) and require no one to pay you for participating.

But you want to make money right?

Charge them for certificate of performance, or sell handbooks; then make them aware that you can build software that’ll facilitate their tasks. Don’t forget to give out your direct contact. You’ll see awesome traffic if your lecture was intuitive.

11. Found A Monotechnic

Founding an institution that focuses on technology or programming may turn you to the main talk of the town. This is a lucrative investment; provided you have the capital and the core prerequisites by the government.

12. Build And Sell CMS Themes And Plugins

Designers today are diverting their deigning mode to Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress, for example, is a globally used CMS by talented designers, which is powering up to 40% of the world websites.

To satisfy the need and requirements of their clients, designers are ultimately in need of stunning themes and plugins, which make it viable to become a theme or plugin developer. This can fetch you a nice figure, depending on your effort.

13. Blog or Vlog

As you already know, 80% of the content on the internet is from article writers (bloggers) and video makers (vloggers).

Some of these bloggers or vloggers are not earning anything close to their sleepless effort because they aren’t doing it the right way. As a programmer, you know what makes up a meaningful and rich content. I’m not ignoring you here. Let’s move ahead!

Being a programmer, you don’t need to attend many classes to start running your blog or vlog business. Determination and concentration will take you to the promised land.

14. Build And Sell Software

You don’t really need to have clients before you start building problem-solving software.

You can itemize some societal or medical challenges that can be fixed with your expensive skill, and start putting your code together. After building and testing your apps you can approach the right audience and advertise your product to them. Or build a digital-product-selling website to drive sales.

15. Execute School Projects

College graduates and post-graduates of computer-related courses are usually in need of descent programmers who will help them to build applications that fulfil their final year project topics.

You can start by approaching any institution that comes to your mind.

This may be seasonal, as your clients will fade off when there is no college graduation.

Final Words: 15 Cool Ways To Make Money As A Programmer

Being a programmer, you’ve taken the most complex step of endurance. I know what it takes to be where you are, so, well-done job.  But you need to know that nothing worth fighting for is easy to come by.

Please don’t relent, even after making it. Thanks in advance for heeding my short advice.

Please share this article to safe other fellows. Thanks!


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