25 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100k In Nigeria

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If you don’t know the businesses you can start with little money in Nigeria, you’re not alone.

Nigeria economy is fast deteriorating due to lack of job circulation, but some are still trying to change the situation with their hard-earned, little money. It’s possible.

Starting your business with less than NGN100,000 will be awesome if you know the best business that will respect your hustle.

Are There Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100k In Nigeria?

No magic can change the state of the economy in Nigeria except entrepreneurship.

It is imperative for a salary earner to have his personal business that can fetch him extra income aside from his sporadic and unsatisfactory monthly salary.

Despite the unemployment status, an average Nigerian can still manage to save up to NGN100,000 in a couple of months if it’s going to favour his expenses.

Thank God, the atmosphere is still conducive because there are few businesses that can be started with less than 100K. Below are 25 of them.

The core advantage of these businesses is that each of them can be started without a shop or an office.

The 25 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100k In Nigeria

1. Photography

Photography is one of the awesome businesses you can start.

It’s an inevitable service in Nigeria occasions, and this has made it a lucrative business. One can start the photography business with less than 100K, by minimizing its scope to a home-based.

If you’ve fallen in love with this business, read this guide: Starting and running a lucrative photography business

2. Web design

According to experts, web design is a robust requirement in the global market, which can be started with little capital, and later be expanded to a standard business.

The core requirement to become a freelance web designer, after attaining the needful skills, is the Laptop.

If you would like to embark on the journey right away, I’ve written the actionable guide here: Become a Web Developer in Just 2 Weeks: The Proven Plan

3. Dry cleaning

25 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100k In Nigeria
Image Credit: Pixabay

Dry cleaning has gained its glory in the midst of successful and awesome businesses in Nigeria.

This business requires fewer tools than your time; it can be started with just 4 buckets, 2 dozen clips, 1 pressing iron, 1 roll of spreading rope, and 1 detergent soap.

The need for a laundry machine comes after gaining the thorough attention of the market.

Therefore, you can start this business, and gain your active clients with less than 100K.

4. Graphic design

100k is okay to start a lucrative graphic design business from no knowledge. All you need is to invest your little time to learn how to use graphic design software, maybe Photoshop.

The knowledge can cost you less than 20k, and if you already know how to use any of the graphic tools, you’re good to go.

Just get a laptop with good configuration, which will enable you to get your job done at high speed, maybe with 60K.

Make thorough one-on-one advertisement, and spend at least 15k on digital adverts. You should be good to spring up.

As a graphic designer, you should be able to design nifty graphics, like banner, sticker, hand-bill, book-cover, cassette cover, magazine, certificate, logo, and the list continues.  

5. Chin-chin production

Chin-chin is a special delicacy in some Nigeria events, and some people like to include its consumption to their diet table.

This business can be started with less than 100K, and it’s outstandingly lucrative due to its ability to fetch cool and clean income.

Chin-chin production can be started with just little items, which are, a rolling pin, a knife, a tray, a deep-frying pot, a stirring spoon, a roll of packing nylon, a cooking stove, 1 gallon of groundnut oil, 1 crate of eggs, and all the little items.

6. Popcorn production

Popcorn is a delicious snack that can be produced with just one machine (popcorn machine) and a few ingredients (i.e. corn, butter, sugar, and milk).

This business is perfectly okay if you need a business that can pay for your bills with less stress, as it can easily be learnt in two days.

If you’re good at self-learning, you can quickly kick-start the business as you watch a few YouTube tutorials.

7. Dropshipping business

This business is rapidly gaining its precious space in the world of internet business. It entails you to own a website that will allow you to link to any well-known e-commerce website.

After certain procedures, the e-commerce site will approve your website to directly display their products on your website, so that people can see your site as an e-commerce site, where they can make their shopping. See the dropshipping guide on shopify.

Dropshipping is clean, awesome, and can be started with 100K or less.

8. Cleaning service

This business is well accepted in developed countries due to their entrepreneurial mentality to make jobs available to their citizen.

However, you can start and run a successful cleaning business in Nigeria with a few packaging techniques. Your targets are banks, hospitals, market places, and the likes.

9. Poultry business

The huge demand for poultry products in eateries and events in Nigeria has made this business, a famous and standard one.

Running a poultry business requires your outstanding knowledge to rearing expendable fowls.

This business can fetch you cool and descent income over a short period of time, and it can be started with less than 100K.

10. Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative business that can be started and run from the comfort of your living room. It requires you to own a website, where you’ll be posting factual and problem-solving contents for people.

It indeed can be started with zero capital, but your 100k will be enough to make it grow to a meaningful extent. This is the best business for you if writing is your hobby.

READ: The best 6 steps to run a successful blogging business.

11. Home tutoring

Wow! An interesting business that can be started with less than 100K provided you have the needful knowledge and skills.

Home tutoring requires you to itemize subjects that you can effectively teach others, and make little adverts that will let people know that you’re vast in those subjects, and can teach perfectly in them.

With a few steps, your bank account will make descent sense.

12. Barbing salon

Despite the unsatisfying status of the economy in Nigeria, men will always need the salon service.

Barbing salon is an old and futuristic business that can conveniently be started with 100k or less. This business is capable of earning for its maintenance and expansion, if well managed.

Setting up a mini barbing salon requires you to get a shop, two clippers, two chairs, two wide mirrors, one hair cream, one small generator, two wrapping clothes, and other little equipment, which, in total, should not cost you above 100K.

13. Fashion design

This skill is highly needed in all descent societies. As a skilled fashion designer, you can sew nice-looking outfits for females or males, or even, both.

To establish on this skill, you do not need huge capital; a sewing machine, and few sewing items can get you moving.

14. Shoemaking

Shoemaking is a skill-based business that requires a conducive place and few tools to kick-start. It can be learned, started and expanded with less than 100K.

15. Estate management

Every house owner (landlord) in Nigeria needs an agent that will rent out his house. You can seize this opportunity by starting your estate management business, which will help landlords and house seekers to ease their palpitations.

You don’t actually need a shop to start and run this fine business, and it requires no tool. Although, having a decent office will standardize the reputation of your business.

16. Bill payment

Despite the hectic nature of government jobs in Nigeria, workers will still need to pay for their electricity, decoding devices, and the likes.

You can register with a bill payment company (like PAGA) that will allow you to easily help people to pay for their bills from your handset or laptop. It’s fine, cool, and easy.

17. Security business

Standard companies, like banks, hotels, eateries have security guards that ascertain the safety of their properties.

You can start your security business with a few procedures. You can start this nice business with less than 100K

18. Fishing business

Similar to the poultry business, fishing is a stunning business that can be started in a corner of your living yard. A mini-fishing business can be run using a damaged water tank, with few types of equipment.

19. Cake baking business

Nigeria wedding and birthday events cannot do without cake; hence, there is an awesome market which makes it a lucrative business.

Cake baking business is quite easy to start; provided you know how to bake. In your yard, you can start this business.

20. Content writing business

Good job if you’re very good at writing. There are freelancing websites, where you can write and sell articles. Content writing is a skill that’s capable of making you a standard and rich entrepreneur.

As a content writer, you can build a site through which people can find and buy your informative articles. You can also author rich books, which will fetch you an income from habit readers.

Freelancing will profitably fetch you money when you read this Little Known Way to Make Money as a Freelancer in Africa

21. Selling of gadgets

Nigeria is one of the countries that best sell technological gadgets. With NGN100,000, you can start a phone selling business.

22. Gadget repairing

Great! If you know how to repair gadgets. To repair some gadgets, you actually need cheap tools.

If, for example, you’re a PC repairer, you can start your repairing business with less than NGN100K.

Your main tools include one rework station, one multi-meter, one painting brush, one bottle of cleaning solution, and one pack of screwing tools.

23. Fish pie making

Fish pie making is capable of fetching you a huge amount of revenue. It’s an easy-to-manage business, with minimal stress and risk.

With 100K or less, you can start your mini fish pie business, and sell to people of your target.

24. Soap making

Liquid soap making is a business that can fetch you huge income if you really run it as a decent business. Although, this business is so common in Nigerian streets but the lack of good packaging makes it look rough.

You can start this business with little capital, and make it outstanding with nice packaging strategies.

25. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is one of the cheap businesses you can start and make money.

It is highly demanded in Nigeria. This is a skill-based business, which can be started immediately after attaining the needful skill.

The requirement to run this business is ridiculously cheap and affordable.

 If well run, this business can wipe off your stubborn bills with quick and convenient effect.

Final Words: 25 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100k In Nigeria

Each of these businesses can put a good meal on your table, and effectively clear off your bills, if well run.

Now that I’ve given you 25 profitable businesses you can start with less than 100K in Nigeria, it’s your part to pick which one suits your passion.

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