Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes: Do You Make These 7 Common Mistakes as a Blogger?

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With a few blogging mistakes, your work becomes…?

Blogging is famously interesting. It has no trace of going down any time soon since the internet requires it to serve massive and valid information.

But Most People Make Blogging Mistakes

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“What’s worth doing is worth doing well.”

There is no good thing in this world that will produce a better result if done wrongly.

Throughout my writing and publishing career, I’ve noticed and experienced flaws that can ridiculously injure the business.

Don’t get sunk in the following habits, else, your blogging career will fall flat.

While most bloggers take their time to fine-tune their work, some of them make the following deadly blogging mistakes.

1. Writing Bad Headlines

The saying that preaches “never judge a book by its cover” is a mere fallacy in the world of blogging – it doesn’t work. No one is ready to check your article if your headline isn’t captivating.

Not even you, the reader of this, will waste any time to check a write-up that has a bad headline.

The general rule in the blogging industry is 80/20, meaning that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but 2 out of them will read the content. It’s therefore imperative to spend a lot of your time crafting good headlines before proceeding to write your content.

Bad headlines will do nothing than hiding the glory of your hard-written articles.

2. Publishing without Proofreading

Blogging  Mistakes
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Humans are born to make mistakes, and you are not exclusive. In order to publish quickly and frequently, some bloggers do not bother to edit and re-edit their articles.

This is a very common habit among bloggers with a good writing background; they believe in their writing skill, and wouldn’t stress checking their content for proper alterations.

Spectators are always better than players; they see all errors from outside the field. Your readers can quickly spot errors in your content, which can dramatically drive them off your blog page.

Place quality over quantity. Don’t kill your blogging career with the mindset of posting more articles; rather, strive to produce the best, no matter how few.

Your blog requires a lot of editing work to stay clean and readable.

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3. Using Modal Advert

With the intention of making more money, some bloggers don’t give limitation to how and where to render adverts on their blog; they overshadow their content with annoying ads.

As a reader, you don’t visit any blog to read its advert – you go there to read articles. Using pop-up adverts in your blog is a quick way to prove your selfishness to your readers, and therefore, get them alienated.

However, the pop-up (modal) advert can help you generate passive income if used as a lead magnet, providing your readers with additional value that will be gotten if they take further action.

Example of this is to lure them to make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter in an exchange for a valid package.

4. Writing Short Content

While a lengthy article doesn’t guarantee the progress of your blog, it does add value to its SEO ranking provided it’s done properly.

Some bloggers have failed due to their habit of posting short articles. Don’t do this; rather, stretch your article to a meaningful length in order to better provide detailed information to your dear readers.

5. Doing Everything Alone

A tree, they say, cannot make a forest.

Blogging is profitable if you have the help of others. Doing everything alone will drastically fragment your progress.

For proper flow, outsource other time-consuming activities, such as designing, editing, and promoting, to other professionals. With this, you will be able to focus on the output of your product, which is content delivery.

6. Copying and Pasting Articles

If you can’t write don’t blog, period. Plagiarism is not only a crime to search engines, but it’s also a badge of mistrust to blog readers and researchers.

Many bloggers –with the intention of posting quickly– will go to other article sources to copy contents for direct posting. This is a deadly mistake that shouldn’t occur to a practitioner with a blogging spirit.

Struggle to write your articles or hire someone to write on your behalf.

7. Writing without Research

You don’t always have to compose your blog with only your idea – you need to seek experts’ view on the subject matter. As a blogger, the best thing you can produce is meaningful and helpful content, nothing more.

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Bonus Point

A handful of blogging mistakes can deprive you of your honour as a blogger. Render your blog via a beautiful and responsive website. Make your article as detailed as possible.

For readability, don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Persuade your readers to share content with their audience. A combination of fine graphics will also enhance the readership of your blog.

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Don’t be stagnant; learn new things about your profession and your niches every day. You have the market, the market needs your product, and your product is your content.

Blogging is awesome if done nicely. Be free to share this article with your friends.

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