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Little Known Way to Make Money as a Freelancer in Africa

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If you want to make money as a freelancer, take a bright breath while you read this article.

In Africa, a job is an illusion, unemployment is popular, and there is no single shortcut to a good life than having financial freedom.

As recorded by financial experts, the best definition for ‘financial freedom’ is the ability to control one’s earnings with the working hour.

24 hours in a day, 168 hours in one week, and you still can’t prove to be productive – all the hours are wasting, which shouldn’t be.

Start freelancing and change your financial story. This article (and other articles on this platform) isn’t a guess-work, check my freelancing business here.

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Why Freelancing in Africa?

Freelancing is the term used to refer to the act of working from a far distance (remotely) without having to own an office. It thus makes it convenient to start and scale a business to any level of meaningful reputation.

Money is sure, but not guaranteed – only the serious ones will earn in freelancing. As an African, you don’t have to register under a government agency before running your business to your dear liking.

Little Known Way to Make Money as a Freelancer in Africa

The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.

Chris Brogan

Additionally, freelancing is the sure way to work on one’s terms without having to bother on large capital or investment prerequisites.

How Freelancing Works

People find you on the internet, they hire you, you Bill them, they pay on your terms, you build their project, and deliver it when done. You don’t have to know or see your clients.

An example of this is to get hired to build a website (if you are a web designer), you will then have to chat with the client and tell them your working and billing terms.

After the agreement, you will build the site, put it online, and forward the link to the client. Simple enough!

Can You Make Money As A Freelancer In Africa?

It’s hard but possible; that’s why I wrote this article. There are global freelancing websites where anyone can build their gigs and get hired by people who find and have a deep interest in their packages.

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But due to the bad reputation caused by lazy Africans (internet scammers), people find it dangerous, or even exasperating to hire users from Africa; they will rather hire those from other continents.

Frankly, there are Africans who make their awesome living from sites like upwork, freelancer, fiverr, and the likes, but if they must confess to you, their secret is ‘lowering their price’ compared to other bidders.

You don’t have to join the loop anyway. This post will teach you the best way to freelance –simply in 5 steps.

The Easy Steps To Make Money As A Freelancer…

These steps are simply effective, they worked for me and others in the industry.

1. Acquire a high-income skill

Your credential isn’t actually required to turn a reputable freelancer. All you need to join the game is a viable skill; a skill that can get people to beg you with their money.

This is the first and most imperative step. You don’t want to sell any product than your service, your knowledge.

Remember you want to work over the internet. So, grab a course on any soft skill and strive to the best of your ability to understand its length and breadth.

Some high-income skills in Africa include copywriting, web design, mobile app design, graphic design, 2d or 3d animation design, and the list continues.

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2. Put your knowledge into practice

Practical is essential. Don’t rush into freelancing if you’ve not polished your acquired skill – first impression counts. Get your hands on several projects to ascertain your fluency on the skill. This will get you prepared for the awesome journey.

3. Offer free or cheap service

The key to successful freelancing is quantity. Am I talking down on quality? Simply, NO. But quantity will help your business to grow rapidly.

You need feedback, recommendation, connection (I mean networking). So offer your service in a friendly manner, at first. Make people give you a ton of useful advice and feedback.

Your free or cheap services will be useful in the fifth step.

4. Embrace Social Media

Paint your social media pages with the service or services you offer. Your prospects will surely trace you down to where you will be hired with an interesting bill.

Social media helps in building a rapid network, and since you don’t have to physically see your clients, social media can amazingly speed up the work.

Your social profile will travel to reach a variety of meaningful audience, and therefore, earn you a helpful recognition.

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5. Build a stunning portfolio

You have the skill to sell. You have the samples (in step 3) to lure visitors and turn them to clients. Your social account (step 4) is connecting you with prospects.

Now, build a user-friendly website that will let people view your past projects (portfolio).

Determine how to charge and get paid on your services, determine your working hours, and outline your delivery days; you have the control.

Bonus Point

Selling without telling is outside the business world. Make people know and reach your services with paid adverts. With paid adverts, you can quickly and easily reach a meaningful audience in Africa and beyond.

Tell your customers to help by recommending your services to their social followers. Offer discounts to reach more clients.

Periodically post articles (blogs) related to your services in a separate section of your portfolio website, for proper search engine recognition (organic search) and equally prove your expertise in your field.

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While it’s not compelling to offer only one service, it’s not advisable to offer so many services in order to stay focused and standout in the business lane.

You will surely make money as a freelancer if you put the guides in this article into practice.  

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