3 Magical Secrets To Satisfy Your Customers

3 Magical Secrets To Satisfy Your Customers

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Need the top secrets to satisfy your customers and make them always wanting to give you their votes? This article is your manual.

In one of our articles titled “5 proven ways to grow your business faster than you ever imagined”, we emphasized that customers are the lifeblood of any business.

No business can truly thrive without someone buying or patronizing. Customers are the one constant that all businesses need. This is why it becomes important for entrepreneurs to ensure their customers are always satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is indeed crucial to the survival of any business, new or old. No serious entrepreneur can trifle with the issue of customer dissatisfaction.

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Why Do You Need To Go An Extra Mile To Satisfy Your Customers?

If you can figure out a way to satisfy your customers, you will experience greater success. As entrepreneurs, we need to take the time and energy to satisfy our customers. The more we satisfy our customers, the more likely we see an increase in revenue, lower churn and higher retention.

Sarfaraz Ahmed asserted that “the customers’ perception is your reality. What they think about your products, matter. If you don’t put your customers’ perception first, the game is over.”

Just imagine how many customers you would be losing if you don’t treat one right? How would that affect your sale, business or income? If you want to learn the secrets to really satisfying your customers, then the secrets you will discover in this piece will serve as your roadmap to success.

Let Me Share This With You

It’s about 7:00 am on a Friday morning and I was coming back from morning roadwork when a neighbour told me that a man came looking for me. It was Alhaji Saheed and he wanted us to work on his garment before the next day as he planned to travel with it the following Sunday.  

As a new client, Alhaji Saheed was charged as low as #500 for washing, starching and ironing of a white garment. Unfortunately, the garment got stained by some rusted irons which later delayed the work further and made us spend more.

I Paid And I Gained…

The total cost of operation accumulated to #1,700 after getting an antirust chemical and also sending the garment to Lagos where Alhaji Saheed travelled to angrily without the garment.

At the end of everything, I felt so happy when Alhaji Saheed called to say “thank you Mr Cleanwise, I do not believe you could go this far to please and satisfy me’.

Going by our records, Alhaji Saheed has brought more than a hundred garments in just 3 months.

When you go the extra mile to satisfy your customers, you will be the one to benefit more. Learn these three secrets that would enable you to satisfy your customers successfully.

The 3 Magical Secrets To Satisfy Your Customers

1. Take The Time To Find Out What Your Customers Expect From You.

3 Magical Secrets To Satisfy Your Customers
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Different customers come in search of different needs. As a laundryman, I understand customers have different tastes and needs.

For example, some customers prefer their clothes to be strongly starched; some prefer light starch; while others don’t even like putting on starched cloths, whether light or hard.

It is your duty to understand your customers and their basic needs. Before a customer will use your business, he or she has certain expectations. These expectations could be figured out by encouraging your customers to give you their opinions.

Strive To Do It

No matter how busy you are, always take the time to talk to your customers. Ask them how they are feeling dealing with your business. Get to know them and why they use your business. A few minutes’ conversations with your customers can give you a lot of information.

2. Always Meet Your Customer’s Expectations.

The second secret is to ensure we always meet our customers’ expectations. I always put my customer in my shoes and strive to meet their expectation at all cost.

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Considering I am patronizing a business and they fail to meet my expectations, it is very likely that I won’t go back again.

If you ask for customer’s opinions, be prepared to listen to them and work through them. Ensure that your products and services are satisfactory and that your staffs are knowledgeable about the products or services they are selling.

Meeting Your Customers’ Expectation

The only single thing you need to do to meet your customer’s expectations is to offer the right products at a justifiable price.

Customers get pissed off so easily if you market yourself as capable of providing certain products or services but could not really meet such expectations. Understanding your customers and knowing what they need is the essence of customer service.

Obviously, you are not going to be able to provide the exact product for every customer that comes in your door, but you should be able to provide the right products for the majority of them.

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3. Periodically Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations

Exceeding your customers’ expectations is a great way to satisfy them and make them come back with little or no checks on them.

When you exceed a customer’s expectations, such customer will go away raving about the business to everyone he knows. You can exceed your customer’s expectations by introducing a free service, delivering before the due date or time and always having a solution to customer’s problems.

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