How To Start A Home-Based Photography Business In Africa

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If your being on this page is to learn how to start a home-based photography business, you’ll feel relieved after reading the article.

Talent is evenly distributed, but the opportunity is not. There are many youths that are endowed with rich upbringing, and there are countless youths with ameliorative visions with no sponsor.

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If you’re ready to work for a living, you can do it. Don’t waste your precious time thinking of getting miraculous help from an anonymous source, or from your relative; who may disappoint your viable wish.

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If you want to start a home-based photography business, don’t palpitate, I am here to lead you through the journey of driving yourself to the fortunate land of your daily dream.

I’ve researched some viable businesses that can get you going with no shop or office, and photography is not the last on the list.

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Photography is an easy-to-manage business that pays in accordance with the struggle of the practitioner. It’s easy in the sense that it’s virtually risk-free.

You can start it with less capital, and it will yield great due to its auto-scaling ability.

Photography is an easy-to-manage business that pays in accordance with the struggle of the practitioner. Click To Tweet

The edge of your effort determines the limit of your earning in the photography business. Start it anywhere, run it anywhere, you will surely reach the peak of your budget if your methods are quality. Let’s dive in!

The Skills You Need To Start A Home-Based Photography Business

How To Start A Home-Based Photography Business In Africa
Image Credit: Pixabay

Your effort is strongly needed since you don’t have the money to hire any machinery. You need to stretch your working and thinking capacity, hence, you’ll need to possess some knowledge that’ll get you going.

Below are the knowledge and skills that will help boost your chance.

1. Camera Operation

This is the most important knowledge to have. You can’t go anywhere near the field if you don’t know how to handle a camera for shooting.

This skill will prepare you for the next skills that will allow you to successfully run your photo business from home. In order words, to run photo business, you need to accept it as a profession, which will turn you a professional in the field.

Camera operation entails the ability to handle any camera that comes your way. You need to learn how to shoot efficiently and professionally, and since you want to run the business in a mini-mode, you need to further learn how to fix basic problems that may come up while using the camera of your wish.

2. Photo Editing

Photo lovers are fond of decoration. They love to see that their photos are fine-tuned. So, to make them always want to hire you, you need to always edit their pictures to their liking. And to do this, you’ll need to learn how to edit pictures.

Photo editing is a profession that can be staged as a standard business on its own, and may take your time to grasp its advanced styles or operations, so, it’s time-saving if you can hire a professional photo editor on timely bases.

But, if you want to be like me, you will surely give out that time to learn it, because it’s worth it.

Learning editing may be intimidating, but it’s fun if your interest is sharp. There are a series of tools (software) that can make the journey interestingly easy, but the most used tool in the industry is Photoshop.

Photoshop is an advanced software with advanced features and functionalities. I can, of course, say much about this tool because I personally use it after trying so many tools of its category.

I chose Photoshop over other tools because of its ability to tune pictures to anything of your wish, with no or fewer plugins.

It’s also easy to learn and can be learnt free of charge from YouTube and other internet content sources. Below are my preferred online resources to learn Photoshop.

3. Internet Surfing

The world of technology is rapidly towards the internet. Today, one of the best gifts you can give your business is to find it a massive portion on the internet.

Internet surfing is the skill that’ll allow you to know how to best present your business to your clients and visitors from far distance (over the internet).

This skill will also allow you to move your photo skill in line with the modern and working trend, as you’ll be able to find and learn from experienced people that fall in the same field with you.

This comprises the ability to do the following.

a. Internet Connectivity: The ability to set a routing device that enables you to have access to the internet. I believe you already have this if you’re reading this online.

b. Browser Launching And Selection: The ability to open and select the browser of your choice on the computer, and or mobile phone. You already have this. Great!

c. Online Tools Usage: Resources tools that will strengthen your social and digital literacy, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google search, professional forums, Learning Management System(LMS), et cetera.

d. Saving And Bookmarking: You surely will find informative pages on the internet, which may look important for your next reach, then, you’ll need to get it saved on your browser, and or somewhere on your PC.

To do this, you’ll need to know how to save or bookmark a page. It’s ridiculously simple, and maybe you already have this skill.

To save a page, just hit Ctrl+S if you’re on windows, or Cmd+S if you’re running Mac. The saving dialogue will open, which will inquire you to choose the location that you’ll like to get your file saved. That’s all!

e. Uploading And Downloading: Occasionally, you’ll want to use some images, such as flower background, beautiful cake, mesmerizing compound, and the likes, to beautify your photos.

You’ll need to know how to get them downloaded. Additionally, you’ll need to know how to upload your pictures on your social platforms for proper showcasing.

Internet surfing may be ridiculously easy to go with, but it’s imperative to get it on the list.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is as important to businesses today, as the advertisement itself.

To rapidly promote your business, you need to love the idea of spreading your existence over the internet, as a result, you’ll need to learn how to best use the available online tools to improve your hiring status.

Digital marketing is also a recognized profession in the global market; you can hire freelance digital marketers to do the job for you. But, if you’re interested in attaining the skill in order to serve your business quickly and efficiently, Google is your best friend.

After Attaining The Needful Skills, What Next To Start A Home-Based Photography Business?

After acquiring the skills that qualify you to be a professional photographer, the next thing is to secure an office in your living home.

You don’t need to empty your bank account to decorate your home office. All you need are tools that will get you ready to accomplish your photo tasks.

There are numerous tools that are useful in this case, but since we are setting a mini-company, we’ll go for the compelling tools.

Get at least a five-by-five feet space in your compound or in front of your house to serve as your mini-office. Then, let’s fill it!

How To Start A Home-Based Photography Business In Africa
Image Credit: Pixabay

1. Camera

One camera is okay at the initial stage. Your skill will determine the goodness of your work, but a good camera will play a vital role too.

When selecting the best camera, branding may not be the best guide, but it’s good to choose the reputable ones.

Throughout my learning period, I used the Nikon D series (D40, D60, D70, D90), because my boss was a Nikon fan, but currently, I use Canon. You may not want to prefer my preference, but it’s imperative to choose a professional camera that’s best designed to do the work.

Get a camera that has the following features:

a. Good battery backup.

b. Sharp and Long shooting capacity.

c. Accurate lighting. And

d. Lightweight.

2. A Printer

A mini printer will let you take instant photos like passport, postcard, and other forms of wait and get pictures.

There are numerous digital printers in the market that’ll satisfy your expectation, but, I strongly recommend HiTi S420. This printer is fairly easy to use and will put your mind in a relaxing mode while trying to satisfy your customers.

3. A Laptop

You will not want to miss the gorgeous advantages that a laptop will offer your business.

With a laptop, you’ll be able to save the pictures on your camera to a safe and secure location, which will help you to ease the load of your camera card.

A laptop will be useful in fine-tuning (editing) the taken pictures. You can also make money with the laptop, just by selling your taken pictures; I will talk about this later in this article.

4. A Smartphone

A smartphone will help you to stay active on the internet, as you cannot always move around with your laptop. It will also facilitate your constant interaction with your clients and can be the best tool to market your business.

5. A Carrying Bag

Since you want to participate in fieldwork, you will need a bag to carry your gadgets.

Quick Note: These tools can be used to improve the outlook of your home-office. If you want to drive your clients to your office, you’ll have to spend a bit to purchase fine furnishing products. The styling lies on your preference.

Everything is fine, now let’s draw our money-making channel. $$!

How To Start A Home-Based Photography Business In Africa
Image Credit: Pixabay

Congratulations if you’ve satisfied the above recommendations.

Now, the next thing is to start driving the vehicle of our business to the success land of our dream. Below are tested tactics to kick-start.

TACTIC 1: Advertisement

The business is ready to take off, so, you need to reach people that will be ready to hire you, or test you. Initially, you may not need to spend so much on adverts, but you’ll need to make some sacrifices.

SACRIFICE 1: Approach people in different locations, such as schools, religious gatherings,  companies, organizations, and the likes.

Tell them about your business and services, offer them samples of your work by taking and printing their group pictures for free. Drop your contact for any hiring.

SACRIFICE 2. Design portable fliers and distribute it in local occasions.

SACRIFICE 3. Visit your family and friends, and tell them about your business and services. Take and print their pictures for free.

Lure them by giving them sharp pictures of theirs for free. Don’t worry, they will pay you sooner or later.

TACTIC 2: Patronage

Your clients also need to be patronized. After winning the hearts of a few people, you need to turn them to your active clients by maintaining close and active contact with them.

Your customers will always want to make you happy if they know that you value their wellbeing. And they will want to have nothing to do with you once they know that you’re self-centred.

Send them occasional greetings that will not include any advert, present attractive gifts on their events, even if you’re not the photographer of the event. They will find a clean space for your business to reside, in their heart.

Earning Extra Income Aside From The Field or Office hiring.

You can also make extra income by selling your pictures on the internet. Sounds crazy? Don’t worry, it’s ethically good and amazing. There are numerous sites to sell your photos, but I will recommend the tested and okay.

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Below are ten (10) sites to sell your photos for stock images.

1. 123RF

2. BigStockPhoto

3. CanStockPhoto

4. Corbis

5. DepositPhotos

6. Dreamstime

7. Fotolia

8. FreeDigitalPhotos

9. iStockPhoto

10. Shutterstock

Instagram is the most popular social platform to share pictures and video clips. As a result, there is a hunger for ultimate pictures to beautify self-profile by the active and addicted users, which opens the door to a great opportunity to sell nifty pictures.

Below Are Seven(7) Cool Resources To Sell Your Photo For Instagram.

1. 500px

2. Candidly Images

3. Foap

4. Instaprints

5. Lobster-media


7. Twenty20

Final Words: Start A Home-Based Photography Business

Photography is a very lucrative profession that’s capable of paying off bills of any kind. Your ability to move up and down can be the most required tool to rapidly achieve your laid goals in this business.

Photography is a very lucrative profession that's capable of paying off bills of any kind. Click To Tweet

Time is ultimately precious to start a home-based photography business. It’s imperative to spend your golden time doing what will best pay off your bill. Photography is old, but a futuristic profession, which can be relied on, as a life-time business.

80% of average Africans have bound their lives with mesmerizing events, as a result, there is always a clean market for a new photographer.

Your mental toughness to reach people with the accurate result of their expectation is your key to scale higher in the industry. As time passes by, you may want to spend on premium adverts to extend the tentacles of your coverage.

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