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Why starting a news portal business in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a green land where several events take place every now and then.

Nigeria is a green land where several events take place every now and then.

These planned and unplanned scenes have to be thrown to the ears of able Nigerians, home and abroad.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to think of starting a news portal business.

A news portal can open great doors for genuine sources of income and give you a sense of satisfaction as you provide rich information.

Starting this business is not as hard as running it due to the hectic struggle to bringing up-to-date information to the eyes of the readers.

The sweet part of this business is that you don’t have to be a Journalist to start off.  Though, it will be an added value if you possess the research and writing ability.

Below are tested and confirmed tips that will give a better relief to your journey.


How to Start A News Portal Business In Nigeria
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1. Decide On Your Niche

There are different news areas (ranging from business to political stories) that you can choose from.

It’s not an abomination to go into general topics, but it may be hectic, and can, in most cases, blur your sharp chance to get to the success stage.

Focusing your news on a particular topic will not only enable you to face what’s right and genuine but will also false your readers to yearn for your content in the area you specialize in.

2. Get Your Working Tools And Gadgets

Since you’re diving into a business of your dream you need to get simple tools that’ll ease your stress, and make the work as smooth as possible.

Tools, in this case, are not much or expensive. I presume you want to start small and grow bigger.

You need your smartphone. A laptop will facilitate your research, writing, and editing.

Feel free to get any other things (gadgets) that can add to the value of your work.

3. Get a Visually Appealing News Website

The layout of your website is as important as your news content.

You need a user-friendly website that can gently turn your visitors to active readers. This can be done by an experienced web developer that’s ready to tune your business to a greater height.

Your site may contain common but useful features and navigations such as contact, about, newsletter, and so on.

Hire Paramount Computers Institute for a standard and stunning website.

4. Decide on your revenue stream

I’m not sceptical that you want to make money from this business.

You will have to decide on how you want to make cool and legit money from your business. It’s quite simple but logical.

5. Recruit or Hire News Writers (Journalists)

Your business is set to take off. Now, you need to get what you want to sell, which are news articles.

It’s imperative that you hire experienced news writers, who will take your business across the sharpest lane to reaching success.

You can, however, hire freelance writers that specialize in your niche.

Vlogging is another lucrative business that can rapidly settle your financial needs. Start it today: Start a Profitable Vlogging Business in Africa


The key thing is to get your business some sort of recognition in order to fetch-in meaningful traffic.

6. Embrace Social Media

Create social media accounts for your business, where you can share and post hot stories from your site.

Social media can be the best channel to generate your massive and meaningful traffic (readers), if well utilized.

To hit the ball on the net, you can hire an experienced social media expert to manage the bottlenecks in sharing and publicity.

7. Contribute on Forum Sites

There are robust forum websites that can help in driving serious readers to your website, and convert them to active users. Surf the internet!

8. Get a responsive Mobile App

Majority of internet users in Nigeria use their smartphones; hence, it’s imperative to present your news right in front of their eyes.

A Mobile App is the best shot if you want to keep your readers so close to your news site, as they will be able to reach your news with few finger-clicks.

Push notification (a mobile app functionality that pops notification on a device) is a key feature that will dramatically animate your business.

The fastest bundle to skyrocket your business is in this article: 5 Proven Ways To Grow Your Business Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Final Words: How to Start A News Portal Business In Nigeria

Enrich your entrepreneurial spirit by learning from the existing and successful competitors in the industry.

The journey is competitive, so you need to get prepared and always strive to provide heart-catching contents that keep your readers coming. Good luck!

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