Job or Slavery: 7 Reasons You Need To Start Your Business in Africa

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Should you listen to those that advise you to start your business in Africa, or go with those that preach to you not to start your business in Africa?

Nearly 80% of college students will tell you their reason for schooling as the main bridge to securing a high-paying job in order to fulfil their financial need, and probably to settle their future bills.

Who is willing to start a business…?

Ask Primary school students, “What will you like to become after your University?” Their response will drastically support jobs. Maybe a few of them may want to give a business a chance.

Bad orientation is one of the agents that contribute to the devastating condition of the economy in Africa – people think of what they will be offered, and not what they can offer.

Getting a job after college degrees isn’t a crime, but it’s quite exasperating to think of ending one’s life on what’s not worth it. You will agree with me that your life is far better than what any job can offer, after reading this post.

Having perplexities on what to know before you start your business in Africa? Read this actionable article before you start any business in Africa.

In this article, are 7 solid reasons that make it compelling for you to start your business, irrespective of where you are in Africa.

Start Your Business in Africa
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1. Unlimited Income

I am not saying employment is a bad thing. I’m just saying it’s only one way of generating income, and one way that is limited

__Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert T. Kiyosaki, in the above quotation, made it clear that no employment will satisfy all your financial need.

All jobs are designed to drain your effort, wisdom, skill, and time, in exchange for little (fixed) wages. Even if you become the highest officer in your office of duty, your wages or salary is stated to be limited.

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A business may not be easy to kick-start, but that shouldn’t hold you back. It has the ability to scale up to a meaningful level, and thus raise your income dramatically.

After a while in your business, you can determine the status of your income.

2. Standard Retirement Plan

It doesn’t matter how fast or high you climb on the ladder if it’s leaning against the wrong wall

_Stephen R. Covey

Would you like to live as a slave for 35 years? If yes, stay glued to your job and let them determine your time, health, income, lifestyle, and so forth.

Retirement at age 65 was introduced by Otto Von Bismarck, the president of Prussia in 1889, and been used till date (even in Africa). It’s nothing but a modernized way of slavery.

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Don’t be lured! The whole pension and gratuity can be earned as monthly revenues in your business.

3. Safety is Sure

Only your business can give you a full guarantee on safety because you are the main controller of its affairs. Jobs will lure you in with paper safety; not at all the real safety.

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Take banking for instance; bankers are heroes in Africa but believe me, they are caged. The next room for a banker is a prison; ask any bank official. where is safety? They work from 8 am to 4 pm but spend from 8 am to 6 pm. They receive little wages for their hectic stress and get jailed or terminated for any mistake.

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Not only bankers. All jobs have their ways of caging and castigating employees.

4. Zero Molestation

Regardless of your hectic struggle to satisfy your field of work, you will still be blamed for silly things.

Your boss will look at your face and call you names that wouldn’t befit you if you weren’t feeding under them; it’s normal if you are working at any job.

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Your business is your responsibility. If at any point in time, you make mistake in your business, you will just sit back and learn from your dirty actions, and not to disgrace or downplay your self-esteem.

5. Ultimate Freedom

Take responsibility for your finances or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life

__Robert T. Kiyosaki

Who will blame you for not being at work on Monday, if you are at your business? Probably no one. You reserve all rights to your business and can do just anything in favour of your freedom or your business.

Failure to show up at your job, regardless of what the cause may be, you’ll be queried, or sanctioned for negligence. No freedom even after your retirement.

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6. Balanced Timing

No more 30day leave in a year. With your business, you can decide to go on any leave that’s worth it. Your working time depends on your written rules and regulations.

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Unlike the job that requires you to resume by 8 and close by 5 or 6, and perform the iteration for 5 or 6 days in a week, your business can pay you well by working only a few hours per week provided your business is at the peak.

7. Reliability

Business can be inherited, jobs can’t be. Are you holding yourself back with the thought that ‘business can collapse at any time’? Clear your head and stay positive.

Your job can also blow-off, or even get you fired – with no one to be held responsible. Your job isn’t reliable since you don’t own its control.

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A standard and successful business is far more reliable; as it’s capable of giving you a steady assurance of support till eternity.

What Else Do You Need To Start Your Business in Africa?

Having consumed this article, you have your best chance to choose whether to kick-start a suitable business or stay glued to your job. However, you can follow the links in this article, or browse this entire site to learn the best way to start your business in Africa.

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