Make Money From YouTube with These 13 Most Profitable Niches

Make Money From YouTube with These 13 Most Profitable Niches

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Have you ever heard that you can make money from YouTube? Read on!

Don’t just like watching movies on YouTube, strive to earn money on it – because you can do it.

In recent days, the number of YouTubers in Africa is rapidly rising, and it’s lovely. But the tragic part of the story is that more than 50% of them are doing it wrong. And the majority of them are not earning as they are supposed to.

Why Are People Doing It Wrong Or Earning Too Low?

With YouTube, anyone (including you) can earn meaningful income, which can dramatically lead to financial freedom.

However, you need to have a lot of viewers and subscribers before you can earn cool money from Google AdSense (if you opted-in for it).

As Dale Carnegie, the author of the evergreen book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, sternly admonished, “Remember that the people you are talking to are hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants and problems than they are in you and your problems,” you inevitably need to provide what people will love to watch and not what you like to publish.

How Can You Make Money From YouTube?

This article, according to my research and my gained help from successful YouTubers across the universe, will outline 13 profitable niches (topics) that can, and will surely help you to make money from YouTube.

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1. Sport

We are in the 21st century when people prefer to watch sports events and activities over their daily, primary activities.

You may choose to publish soccer review, boxing shows, or just any sports activity that has massive followers.

2. Game Review

All over the world, game lovers love to watch any graphical content that can best depict their favourite games. Hence, they stay glued to any YouTube channel that richly makes publication on game reviews.

A nice example is cited below.

3. 2D & 3D Animation

If Disney is in million, they surely aren’t using any magic. What they use is simply the power of cartoon animation to mesmerize viewers, which in turn brings them advertisers.

You can start your Disney-like channel, where people can watch a variety of 2D and 3D animations. Your viewers will surely yearn for your new content. For this, you may need to learn cartoon design or hire a good designer that will strive to constantly produce stunning stories.

4. Skilful Tutorial

While the majority of people crave for high-income skills like programming, they reluctantly wish to affect their budget to acquire what’s likely to fulfil their dream. However, they don’t like to miss any free opportunity —YouTube Tutorial— that’s capable of taking them to their dream land.

5. Q & A

This niche entails you to shortly interview a target audience on a trending or controversial topic in order to gather their opinion in front of the camera and publish the video on your YouTube channel.

Q & A is a powerful niche that greatly lures people to navigate to your channel and quickly click on the subscription button.

6. Comedy Skit

All creatures love to stay glad from 12 am to 12 am, and are ready to spend their most precious hour watching comedy skits.

As a YouTuber, you don’t actually have to be a comedian. There are tons of comedy skits on the internet that can easily be re-edited and put on your channel provided you’ve settled the copyright issue with the owners.

7. Financial Guide

Who doesn’t want money? Who doesn’t want to achieve financial freedom? Everyone wants to brighten their financial boredom. Hence they go extra miles searching for whatever seems to promise the betterment.

You don’t need to be rich to give financial guides or publish financial videos. So, HOW? Of course, you can compile a series of financial advice from rich influencers and make little commentary on them for your nice publication.

8. Health Tips

This is a great niche if you have provable knowledge that makes you capable of throwing medical advice to the masses.

It’s not nebulous that people will cherish you and your channel. With this, you can easily make money via AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and the likes.

9. Fitness Guide

Everyone wants to get in good shape; they are ready to burn their last bit of data watching any video that will give a good guide to their fitness routine.

Fitness Guide is a lucrative niche that can quickly fame you and your channel on YouTube. The plus of it is that you can easily stand out in affiliate marketing; by selling fitness equipment, pills, and webinars. A clear example is given below.

10. Tricky Tips

While you may, as at the writing of this post, not be able to publish hacking tutorials, you can neatly upload tricky tutorials like ‘how to shut down a PC with command line’, ‘how to break WiFi password’.

 If your tricks are effective, you will quickly become the ‘talk-of-the-show’.

11. Relationship Guide

Relationships are thirsty of clear guide and lasting solution to their deteriorating status. Both young and old partners want to stably improve their matrimonial union. As a result; they crave for all channels that will throw them in the process of their heart-wish.

12. Gadget Repair Guide

Since the fame of the internet, people have been striving to stay ahead of their gadget problems by doing what’s known as ‘do-it-yourself’. With this, the majority of YouTube channels are making it by focusing on repair guides.

13. Vine Magic

Directly or indirectly, everyone likes to watch or experience amazing events, especially when it seems surprising. Vine Magic can rapidly fetch you both reputation and recognition.

What is vine magic? It’s simply a short video, created with a deep touch of editing, which makes it look as if a strange event or magic was performed.

To do this, you need to learn video or film editing. An example is given below.


You can seriously make money from YouTube if you’re able to get massive subscribers –which can only be achieved when your videos are captivating.

Bottom line: work hard to provide high-quality, well-edited videos. Use your social media pages to pull traffic to your channel. Good Luck!

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