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Do you need to know or have anything before you start any business that comes to your mind?

The inevitable activity of every human being is to find several means of survival. As a result, few humans are connected to a habit of wanting to do extra things in an extraordinary way.

They like to have the belief that they can make it to the bottom of their wishes. Some will fall and some will majestically become the heroes of their thoughts. And perhaps the fallen creatures might have taken a wrong path.

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Success is never as simple as it seems and never is it as easy as some successful people buttresses.  However, it’s imperative for you to analyze your future before starting the business of your dream.

With that said, I’m sharing six warnings that should determine the “START” and the “DON’T START” actions of your business.

6 Warnings You Shouldn’t Start A Business

Read This Before You Start Any Business In Africa
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Warning Number 1: Don’t Start A Business If You Do Not Have Extra Money

Yes! Don’t think of starting at all. There are some articles with different headings like “get 100$ per hour with no investment capital”, “100 cool businesses you can do with no or zero capital”.

I’m happy to bring it to your awareness that all of these are basically written dreams. And you will evidently go nowhere practising any of them.

Well, some business owners will tell you that they had enough capital when starting their business, but they still ended up blowing off.

Yes, it’s probably because they didn’t have extra money to settle their daily expenses; rather, they depended on their fresh and immature business to pay for their needs.

Business is like a chargeable device that requires you to firstly charge its transforming agent before it starts performing well.

Many businesses will spend years before reaching the matured stage to feed their owners. So, don’t expect your business to immediately be a financing agent at the initial stage. As it will quickly exacerbate its flourishing stature.

Warning Number 2: Don’t Start A Business If You Don’t Understand The Industry

A common mentality of some African youths is to start a business because they’ve seen or heard people making their ways out of it.

This may be a nice shot if you have a solid and deep understanding of the business opportunity or idea. But it’s like working in a dark desert with no light if you don’t understand the length and breadth of the business.

Even if your business is been managed by a professional you’ll find it lovely to retain the leadership spirit.

Your experience or knowledge will go a long way in affecting the flow of your business.

All businesses have their downtimes, which will require the expertise of the manager (mostly the owner) to devise some ameliorative techniques to bring things back on the normal (or better) race.

One of the best ways to understand the business of your dream is to take your time to work under a company that runs the same or similar business, which will give you a practical background; which is exactly what you need.

Warning Number 3: Don’t Start A Business If You Don’t Have Stamina

You really need the mental toughness to endure pain. There will be times that your laughter will not refer to a sign of happiness.

You will certainly have hectic hours that your air conditioners will seem to be working below your need. There will be cold times that your business will make you profusely sweat.

To a real entrepreneur, all these times will not mean hell, but challenges. And he will be ready to multiply his effort in reshaping his business positively; because it’s a good characteristic of an entrepreneur to be able to endure pain for a long time.

Don’t be deceived, those successful people out there will find it cool to speak about their glamorous side of entrepreneurship and leave out the bad side.

But the bitter truth is they’ve absolutely experienced series of challenges before they can fly the flag of their business.

Warning Number 4: Don’t Start A Business If You Want More Free Time

If you really want to run your business in real life you have to erase the thought of working for certain hours. Don’t start any business if you need more time to relax or catch fun.

The truth is no entrepreneur will determine to work for certain hours per day or week. They work 24hours in 7days. No 9 am to 4 pm in business. No 5hours per day, or 5days per week.

There is only 24/7 in order to give your business the real shape of your desire.

Am I portending that you turn workaholic? Absolutely, NO. You can take break from your heavy tasks, while your brain works on the preparation of the next line of action; you’re still working for your business.

Warning Number 5: Don’t Start A Business If You Don’t Know How To Close

I presume you really want to remain the producer of your products and not the customer of your company. I mean, you will need people to patronize your products or services, which is the only way to sustain your hustle.

Closing, in sales, is an essential part of promoting and maintaining the reputation of your company from the very first day of your launching. You need to learn and know how to get people closer to what you have to offer.

You also need to let them have the clear and sweet reasons to believe that you’re good at satisfying their actual need. Be prepared to go out and captivate the best customers that will positively change your business for life.

Don’t just sit down and expect people to come to you for your product, there are other competitors in the same market as you. The leading method to lure people is an advertisement.

And we can help you with tailored advert to grow your business rapidly. Check here.

Warning Number 6: Don’t Start A Business If You Don’t Love The Service

The number one tool to drive the vehicle of your business is motivation, which can only exist if you love the head-to-toe parts of your business.

The simple and clear truth is just that if you don’t love your product or service, no one will. It’s obviously clear that your primary aim of starting your business is to make money and possibly earn for your possible need.

Don’t put yourself into any business that you don’t have a strong passion for, because you will easily get pissed off if it starts behaving outside your plan.

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