Start a Profitable Vlogging Business in Africa

Start a Profitable Vlogging Business in Africa

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Vlogging is when you have a platform or platforms, where you upload your clearly recorded videos in order to benefit the viewers. This action is not new, not even in Africa. Did I write ‘action’? Yes, it’s an awesome action that has been legitimately regarded as a business, as far as the internet is concerned.

Why This Article Matters…?

Of course, you can simply emulate other practitioners and follow their footsteps. But the outcome may cause you to bastardize the real definition of the business.

This article, as written with the help of successful vloggers, will put you on the right path to running your profitable vlogging business – in a step-by-step mode.

Why Starting Vlogging Business in Africa?

Vlogging requires no credentials to kick-start. And it can surely settle your bills, if well done. As it has never been recorded that any internet business can turn you a millionaire overnight, vlogging, as well, cannot make you rich if you want quick money – no magic has been inserted.

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Making Money Running a Vlogging Business in Africa

Making Money Running a Vlogging Business in Africa

As you may be curious to know how possible it is to make money as a Vlogger, I will quickly pen down few points that will leave you relaxed.

As a Vlogger, you have the chance to get hired by new and existing companies and businesses to partner with them and advertise their products or services in your videos. This can fetch you awesomely, depending on your billing pattern.

You also have the option to opt-in for AdSense, which can fetch you hundreds or thousands of dollars if your active viewers are massive. Affiliate marketing is also in your favour if you would like to earn a certain commission when you help product-selling companies to make any sale.

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Proven Steps to Start Vlogging Business in Africa

1. Power Your Strength

You can’t offer what you don’t have; no one can. To appear to your viewers as a serious and resourceful vlogger, you’ll need to power your strength. Strength? Yes, your skills.

What would you like to make videos about? Relationship, lifestyle, fitness, gadget repair, or sport review? No matter what your niche (topic) is, you have to be sure that you possess vast knowledge about it.

i. Choose a Viable Niche

While your hard work will pave the way, you can’t neglect the power of going a good niche. Choose a topic that has massive followers.

ii. Learn From Experts

To horn your skill, you can follow, watch, and learn from vlogging experts, which will enable you to best be essentially productive.

2. Start Your Business

Don’t wait till you become an expert in your chosen topic before you start your business; you can learn as you go.

Your business has what it takes to get launched, so, start it but start it meticulously.

i. Determine Your Style

There are different styles from which you can choose; depending on what suits your wish. Of course, you can switch between styles.

How and where do you want to record your video? On your bed, in your private room? On the street of your residential home? In a driving car? In a well-designed studio (like TV broadcasting room)? The ball is in your court.

ii. Choose a Platform

On which platform would you love your video to be published? Choose the one that can easily get you noticed by reputable viewers. For the betterment of your hustle, choose YouTube, it’s free and good at faming vloggers.

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iii. Publish High-quality Videos

As advised by Dan Lok, a successful YouTube Vlogger, “Every business is a reflexion of its owner,” get your videos to speak for your quality – bad videos will hurt the most lucrative content, as far as vlogging is concerned.

Get good videographer plus a guru editor; they can be hired as freelancers. Your close ones (friends or relatives) can do the video-graphing free of charge, leaving the hard work on the side of the editor. Ensure your video is mesmerizing.

3. Promote Your Business

There are thousands, if not millions of people doing a similar thing with you, and they are doing it well. To join the loop or stay ahead of the race, you’ll need to promote your business. To do this, do the following.

i. Stay Active in Your Business

Supercharge your power to remain active in the business. Doing it ON and OFF will force your viewers to conclude in finding a better alternative. You’ll gain new viewers and subscribers if your channel is getting frequent uploading.

ii. Use Paid Adverts

To fast-track the procedure, use paid advertisements. This will enhance your chance of getting a huge amount of viewers and subscribers in a matter of months.

iii. Paint Your Social Media Pages

Be proud of what you offer. Post your videos on your social media channels to get more subscribers from your existing followers.

4. Monetize Your Business

You want to earn money. I know! Make your vlogging business a pure source of meaningful income. It will be easier to do, especially if your channel has gotten good recognition.

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i. Opt-In For Google AdSense

If you’re using YouTube, signup for Google AdSense for videos; shot clips will be plugged to your uploaded videos, and thus earn you money whenever people view your video or click on the ad clips.

ii. Sign Up For Affiliate Marketing

Register for an affiliate marketing program, which will enable you to post a link or links in the description of your videos. These links will earn you money if anyone clicks on them to buy a product on the E-Commerce you subscribed the affiliate program with.

iii. Run Sponsored Videos

When your vlogging becomes robust, you’ll surely get noticed by companies, who will hire you to make a dedicated video or videos for their products, services, or businesses. This can earn you handsomely.

What to do if no company approaches you for sponsored adverts? Make them do it. Approach your favourite stores, companies, do free adverts for them, and others will have the reason to invest in you. Who would know you’ve not been paid for the formal? No one!

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Reminder on Starting a Vlogging Business in Africa

Vlogging is a business, so treat it as one. Be very sure to have a steady concept of your niche before you get started. Don’t just publish a video, but publish the one you would love to watch – bad videos will hurt the most lucrative content, as far as vlogging is concerned.

Paid advert is necessary if you want to quickly join the loop of reputable vloggers.

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