4 Proven Persuasion Tactics to Get People Say YES

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__Persuasion is nothing more than the art of getting someone to say YES. Persuasion tactics are all you need.

Life is not palatable until we learn how to make people do our wish. This is a practical experience that has a long way to go in our daily life, starting from socializing to making transactions (sales).

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to win people. In fact, the core art you need to possess while learning how to close (in marketing) is ‘how to be persuasive’.

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This post will convert you to being persuasive, using 4 proven persuasion tactics to get people to say YES – and nothing, but YES.

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Disclaimer: The tactics in this post has been tested and proven by the author and contributors of this post. It’s, therefore, coming out in this post for the sake of marketing, and shouldn’t be used for inimical acts.

1. Using The “because” Word

This word — because — is quite powerful in peacefully forcing people to comply with our wish; people are more likely to do us a favour if we provide a reason for asking. This was formally proven by a social psychologist, Harvard professor, Ellen Langer in the year 1978.

In a theory published in her journal, she narrated how she performed the experiment.

She went to a library where they had a photocopy machine and asked the people on the queue to break the line for her – this was in the 70s when there were few tech gadgets.

She made the request in three different ways, thus:

  1. “Excuse me, I have 5 pages, may I use the Xerox machine?” (Request only)
  2. “Excuse me, I have 5 pages, may I use the Xerox machine, because I have to make copies?” (Request with fake reason)
  3. “Excuse me, I have 5 pages, may I use the Xerox machine, because I’m in a rush?” (Request with real reason)

She, therefore, rated the people’s reactions as follows:

A = 60%

B = 93%

C = 94%

Her first request, where she gave no reason, attracted only 60% of the people queuing to comply with her. While the second request gained the attention of 93% of the people (despite the fake reason). And the last one won 94% of the crowd.

However, it’s imperative to give genuine reasons alongside the request, using the ‘because’ word.

Prof. Ellen further used the tactic to make a request for 20 copies, and only the one that has genuine reason fell positive.

2. Door In The Fall (DITF)

This is a compliance method that’s commonly used in social psychology. It’s an act of following up an extravagant request with a reasonable one such that the subject complies.

Saying, for example, you need items of 4 quantities:

You can make a request for 15. If the subject rejects, you can then, ask for 9, and if the subject rejects again, you can now say something like this “ok let’s settle for 4”. Only an unserious or a madly determined person will reject the last request.

3. Celebrity Association

People tend to have trust in famous artistes and celebrities due to their personality. That’s why big companies sign singers to advertise their brand. And sport wear companies hire footballers to promote their businesses.

Now, you don’t have to hire anyone. With the use of celebrity association, you can get people to say YES.

An example goes thus:

Bill Gates once said

“Insert a quote here”

This is why you should,

“Insert your idea here”

In this case, people will easily find your idea as that of the person (celebrity), whose quote was used.

4. Reciprocity

Persuasion Tactics
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This tactic is extremely fantastic at getting people to lose the mind of saying NO to your request. An adage says “If you want someone to do something for you, give them a gift first”

If you need a huge thing from someone, just give them something small, but unique – they will automatically feel obligated to obey your command.


Consumed The Persuasion Tactics…?

If you’ve read this post without a psychological touch, please read it again. The tips (tactics) in this post are ultimately capable of winning people’s heart and can be applied in any given situation.

As the disclaimer dictates, please use this post and all our ameliorative tips to solve business issues. Good luck!

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