6 Deadly Statements to Avoid in Sales

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If you can’t sell what you have or offer, you are probably not an entrepreneur. There are certain statements to avoid in sales

It’s quite important to have the best keys that will enable you to close the right people to your business. Closing, in marketing, is a top concept that cannot be underestimated; if well done, the business survives, and if not, the opposite is the case.

This post will walk you through a compilation of 5 deadly statements that can brutally injure your sales; they must be totally avoided.

The 6 Deadly Statements to Avoid in Sales

6 Deadly Statements to Avoid in Sales
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1. To Be Honest With You

Why will you say this statement to your prospect?

“To Be Honest With You”. This statement indirectly works for negativity. It creates a sour thought in the mind of your prospect, as it leaves them to start thinking that you are trying to be honest just for the moment, and will likely be dubious any time soon.

It makes them see that being honest is not your nature, but you can manage to be honest whenever you want to. They will even think and probably conclude that you’ve been talking to others or trying to close them out of honesty.

2. Trust Me

This statement may sound soft and convincing. But its negative effect on your sales may have no limit.

Why are you trying to let someone trust you when you’re already trustworthy? You don’t need it!

Saying this will throw your prospect into a thought that you aren’t trustworthy, but just trying to compel them to believe that you are.

3. Just to Remind You

“just to remind me”? If you are trying to remind me, then you’ve once told me about the service, and I probably declined or forgot your proposal because it’s not important.

Don’t say this statement, as it’s quickly going to alienate your prospects.

4. Buy This

This statement is generally used by sales reps and managers. But the fact remains that people hate to have the feeling of wanting to lose something, especially money.

“Buy” is a word that easily puts people in a state of shock that they are about to lose their hard-earned money.

Instead, say polite things like “would you like to have this with you”, “you can take this home, it’s quite affordable”, and so forth.

5. We Are Better Than

Don’t try to force your prospect into accepting that you are better than your competitors, rather allow them to come to the conclusion on their own.

Focus on convincing them that your product is worth having. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t be pushy.

6. Sorry to Bother You

You don’t have to feel sorry while trying to offer out your product or service. You’ve not done anything wrong, but rather, you are trying to offer the best, right?

Your prospects may feel offended because you are trying to intentionally bother them, and probably offering them something that’s not worth paying attention to.

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Final Words

Sales, in marketing, is the driven force that constitutes the level of your business prosperity. Always strive to understand the ins and outs of the best marketing technique (that works for your business or industry).

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