10 Free Tools That Will Enhance Your Creativity as a Teacher

10 Free Tools That Will Enhance Your Creativity as a Teacher

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Having issues finding free tools that will enhance your creativity as a Teacher? Calm your sweat, you’re here, the right article that will get you eased.

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Teaching, as the root and the transmitter through which all knowledge survive, cannot be overrated – come what may.

As a result of rapid change in the world of technology, teaching has chameleonized dramatically. If teaching is essential, then being a Teacher is lucrative.

10 Free Tools That Will Enhance Your Creativity as a Teacher

 This post, with teachers’ effort in mind, is set to throw you with 10 free tools that will enhance your creativity as a Teacher.

Are these tools simple and free?

YES, they are!

The 10 Free Tools That Will Enhance Your Creativity as a Teacher

1. Wikipedia

The largest online encyclopedia. Wikipedia is the most popular general reference work on the internet.

You can write and publish on Wikipedia to enhance your teaching spirit. It can also be used to make a detailed research about subject matter.

2. Camstudio

Most YouTube videos (especially coding tutorials) are screen-captured. If you would like to make explanatory videos, you would love to download and use this free and 2MB sized software.

Camstudio is a good (free) software that has everything you need in making screen recording tutorials.

3. Canva

Would you like to make graphics for your next class (maybe instructional materials)? Canva is outstandingly good for this.

Canva is a graphic design platform, which requires no prior knowledge to function to its fullest. It’s quite free to start.

4. YouTube

The largest and most famous video-streaming platform, owned by Google. YouTube can be used to publish training videos.

As a teacher, you need to stay updated in your field. You can best claim the advantage of YouTube by watching free tutorials at your own pace.

5. Hootsuite

Like their slogan ‘Manage all your social media in one place’, Hootsuite is a great platform through which you can manage your social media accounts.

As a Teacher, this platform can be used to create and share posts in one platform; and thus save your time for class-preparation.

6. ClassMarker

This is an online Quiz maker that’s made solely for training and educational assessment with Tests and Quizzes graded instantly, saving you hours of paperwork.

You, as a Teacher, can use this platform to conduct free test and quiz for your students, who are far from your location.

7. Google Translate

There are numerous languages on the planet earth. Google translate facilitates language translation.

This platform is totally free and can be used to satisfy your translation need. If there is a scenario when you would like to learn some terms in different languages before matching into the class, you would love to give Google Translate the best thumb up.

8. EnzineArticles

This is a broad online platform that gives room for authors to share and popularize their articles. You can quickly learn from known and upcoming (but gifted) authors, to give your teaching a sound backup.

9. Google Classroom

If distance-learning is awesome, then distance teaching is fantastic. GC makes it easier for teachers who would like to impact their students in a tailored online environment.

You can benefit from Google Classroom by taking short courses that will help top-up your knowledge, and equally teach your students in a unified platform.

10. Powerpoint

Graphical presentation makes it easy to deliver professional lectures (teachings). Powerpoint is an easy tool that can be used to prepare clear and friendly information.

Powerpoint is quite easy to operate provided you have basic knowledge about the computer operation.

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The Need For The ’10 Free Tools That Will Enhance Your Creativity as a Teacher’ In This Article

Anyone that has nothing will only give nothing. Being a teacher is good, only if you are good at what you teach. The above list has been tested and recommended by teachers in various institutional levels. Thanks for reading!

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