14 Google Tools That Will Help Promote Your Business

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Google Inc. has become the topmost company in the face of Information Technology. Google tools are superb!

Google’s rapid success results from its wide look into the life-comforting tech tools. It has drastically solved some perplexities in the world of business and investment.

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Over a decade, Google has invented a variety of soft tools that ease and promote the scope of businesses and startups.

With one account, users have thorough access to all google tools (apps and websites).

If you are a firm, company, or personal brand, below are 13 Google-made tools that can add to the value of your hustle.

14 Google Tools That Will Help Promote Your Business
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1. Google Analytics

Analytics is a user-friendly tool that helps developers and app owners, who are trying to track the progress of their app in a tailored measure.

With Analytic, you can easily track and know the progress of your business website or app, by checking the graphical record of its traffic.

2. Google Form

This tool makes it easy for companies to receive tailored opinions of their clients. You can use this tool to recruit new employees, or gather relevant information from different perspectives.

3. Google Docs

This is an online word processing tool that enables users to write and edit their content.

You can use Docs to create, manage, and control the informative record of your company or business, and still have access to it across any device.

4. Google Sheets

This is a spreadsheet program that can be used to create, manage, and control your business spreadsheet records. It is mobile and user-friendly.

5. Google Duo

A Google alternative for Skype. It’s a high-quality video, calling app, available on smartphones and tablets.

You can use Duo to establish and improve your business conversation with your clients and shareholders.

6. Google My Business

If you want to set your business in the list of google search results, you’ll be great to try this tool.

GMB is a business listing directory that helps local businesses to gain recognition in the Google Search.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool that allows users to easily navigate through cities, and streets. It has an API that makes it possible for website owners to present their address in an easy-to-view map.

You can use this tool to enrich the recognition and reputation of your company or business.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive is an online file storage and synchronization service.

It was launched on April 24, 2012, to allow users to save and store files on the Google server. With Google Drive, you can keep your company’s important documents on a secured server, without having to take a risk of losing them.

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9. Gmail

A tailored mail engine with a stunning user interface.

This tool can be used to improve the responsiveness of your business in a technical mode. You can use Gmail as a messaging tool for your business, or link the forwarder from your website’s webmail.

10. YouTube

YouTube is a large platform that allows anyone, anywhere to watch free videos on the internet. It possesses a huge number of advantages.

As a business owner, you can use YouTube to improve your skillset, by watching explanatory videos from experienced individuals in the Industry.

You can as well, use it to promote your business, by producing and showcasing explainer videos that tell clients about the trend of your business.

11. Firebase

A fantastic cloud storage for every decent programmer.

Firebase is a cloud DB (Database) that can be freely used to host your website and application. It has a dynamic functionality to host and retrieve data in real-time. It’s free, fast, and secure.

12. Google Expedition

This is a stunning learning and teaching tool that allows users to go on VR trips, and or explore AR objects.

You can use Google Expedition to take your employees to a virtual field in order to enrich their imagery and strengthen their working spirit.

13. Google Classroom

If you intend to channel your focus on online lecturing, you get to use GC.

Google Classroom is an interactive online tool with a robust Learning Management System (LMS), which allows users to create and host lectures for their students.

14. Google Translate

Translate is a robust application (available on the website and in mobile apps) that has the ability to translate more than 100 languages.

Its Mobile App has recently been empowered with an Augmented Reality, which makes it work like magic; it can translate printed texts by snapping it, using its native camera.

If teaching is your hobby or dream, these 10 Free Tools will drastically add to your value.

Final Words

Google products are generally known to be fast and secure, so it will be a great action to stop thinking of the security and the adaptability; their products are strongly adaptable.

Enjoy stunning tools without emptying your pocket.

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