15 Free WordPress Plugins You Should Start Using

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With free WordPress plugins, your site will rapidly turn to a blessed avenue.

WordPress has been used by so many companies to build and host their websites. Its nifty modules (plugins) make it interestingly fine to tune it to blend with any soft operation.

Plugins are the real architectures that facilitate website development using WordPress.

With that asserted, it’s quite imperative to look into plugins that will enhance the vibrancy of websites, built with Wordpress.

This article will work you through a list of 15 free WordPress plugins that will catch-up with your interest.

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1. Yoast SEO

This plugin makes it easy for web designers and web owners to measure the wellness of their contents; it checkmates web content to ascertain and balance the credibility of its SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When you write content into the WordPress editor, Yoast SEO will check and give the score of the core areas of the content; the passed points will be prefixed with green bullets, while the failed ones will have their bullets in red.

Additionally, Yoast gives an avenue where you can control how your site appears in search results.

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2. Google Analytics

You surely need to track the progress of your website by checking the growth of its traffic.

Google Analytics makes it easy to view the traffic of your website in the dashboard. It stores the traffic record of your website and categorically displays it in graph. It’s quite easy to read and understand.

Using Google Analytics, you can measure the flow of your website and therefore work on the improvement.

3. Blog Designer

WordPress websites are designed using ready layouts (themes). In most cases, free themes are limited to simple layouts; as a result, you will love to use the Blog Designer plugin that will allow you to customize your site to blend with the ideology it represents.

Its free version has 4 different designs, while the premium has more than 130 nifty designs.

4. Disqus

This plugin allows web owners to present their web visitors or users with a standard commenting tool.

You can use the Disqus plugin to overwrite the default commenting system of Wordpress; provided you have a verified account on the Disqus

5. Elementor Page Builder

My #1 page builder.

Elementor is a stunning page builder that can easily be used to design a good-looking website. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it quite interesting to use. It supports live editing and updating.

It has free components that will help in building a strong website without a single line of code.

6. OneSignal Push

Would you like to send pop ups to your site visitors, in order to notify them about your new post? Then, try the OneSignal Push plugin.

OneSignal Push is a robust plugin that helps website owners to send customized notifications to web visitors through their browsers. It supports common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

It also has a tailored API that can easily be integrated into native applications, to present notifications to app (IOS and Android) users.

7. Theme My Login

free WordPress plugins

WordPress has been programmed to show a simple layout as its default design, which includes its entrance (login) page. However, you can change the look to match your desire.

With the Theme My Login plugin, you can alter the default look of your website’s login page.

8. WP User Avatar

If your site is about publication, you may want to show the images of authors that write for your site. WP User Avatar is good in this case. It will allow you to set your desired image as a profile picture for an account.

9. Insert Headers & Footers

Would you like to add extra code to your site (maybe CSS or JavaScript)? With the Insert Headers & Footers, you can get it done ASAP.

This plugin makes it quick and superb to insert codes to the header and footer of your site; it facilitates the insertion of shortcodes like custom CSS, Affiliate code, AdSense code, etc.

10. Gutenberg

WordPress, by default, presents users with the TinyMCE editor to write web content. By the way, you can change the editor to the modern one using the Gutenberg plugin.

11. Better Click to Tweet

If you would like to allow your web users to tweet a particular portion of your web content, you will love to use this plugin.

The Better Click to Tweet plugin provides a widget tool that allows you to highlight any area of your content, and make it tweet-able for all readers.

12. Flat Preloader

If you want to show a styled pre-loader to your web visitors, you will love to use this plugin.

The Flat Preloader contains a bunch of fine gif pictures, out of which you can pick the one that suits the design of your site. You can control to either show the preloader on the first page of your site or on all pages.

13. Sassy Social Share

This plugin is superb if you wish to enable your web users to share your content to social platforms, so as to grow the reach of your content.

Sassy Social Share covers virtually all social media. It allows you to customize the sharing buttons to match your desire.

14. Shortcode Widget

Most Wordpress functionalities can be incorporated and enjoyed using a code termed as shortcode. Despite this, some themes do not give room for direct insertion of shortcodes.

With the Shortcode Widget plugin, you can insert any shortcode to your website through a dedicated widget.

15. Meks Time Ago

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you would have seen how it renders the time of each post. Instead of showing the actual date of posts (like 22/03/2019), it will just display the calculated time ago (like 2mins ago).

Doing this on your website is quite easy with the Meks Time Ago plugin.

15 Free WordPress Plugins?

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There are plenitudes of free WordPress plugins, but the above 15 have been proven to be the top free tools that will enhance your business website, as flexible as possible. Enjoy!

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