Best 20 Websites to Download Free eBooks

Best 17 Websites to Download Free eBooks

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You want more legit websites to download free eBooks? They are here for you.

Books have been known to be the best and unique carriers of information – since the arrival of western education to date.

Technology has gained its way into the world of book creation, and thus changing its mode, from hard to soft (electronic) book. For this reason, it’s compelling for the internet to host platforms, on which e-books can be accessed and downloaded.

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This Post Contains a List of Best 20 Websites to Download Free eBooks

1. PDF Drive

This is an up-to-date platform where fresh and rich books are periodically uploaded for readers who like to read any book in any category.

As one of the top websites to download free eBooks, PDF Drive allows anyone that deems it fit to download books for offline reading.

2. Book Boon

This is one of the largest platforms to download textbooks and tutorial books in PDF format.

It has super-rich books that are written by professors from reputable universities in the whole world.

Books on book Boon are clearly written for students, who are willing to upgrade their courses at no cost.

3. Free-Ebooks

As the name suggests, free-ebooks is an online platform that hosts free books in common fields like health, romance, fiction, and so on.

This platform requires you to register to download 5 maximum books per month.

4. Google Books

This is a search engine for electronic textbooks. On Google Books, you can read, rent, or save free e-books that are written by renowned authors across the world.

5. Tutorialspoint

A robust repository of sophisticated books. Tutorialspoint has books in various categories including programming, art and science, marketing, linguistics, robotics, and so forth.

On this platform, you can decide whether to read or download books in PDF format. It also offers video classes that are also free to watch.

6. Open Library

This is a platform with full intention to create “one web page for every book ever published”. Just like Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to the progress of the board.

On Open Library, you can save and download textbooks (electronic) in different subjects, which include arts, fantasy, biography, science, romance, and so on.

7. Project Gutenberg

This is an online library of over 60,000 free eBooks.  Project Gutenberg is a platform where volunteers submit their digital books to “encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks”.

This platform allows you to read and download eBooks by top and old authors. It offers free eBooks for which U.S. copyright has expired.

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a free digital library, which provides free universal access to books, movies, and music, as well as over 300 billion, archived web pages. On this platform, you can easily borrow and download eBooks.

9. PDF Books World

If you would like to read and download free fiction and non-fiction textbooks, you would like to try-out this platform.

PDF Book World allows you to search download unlimited e-books at no cost.

10. Many Books

Many Books provides free e-books in different categories, which include non-fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, mystery and thriller, and so forth.

11. Amazon Free Kindle Books

An Amazon platform for free and low priced reading options. With the free Kindle reading app, you can download and read top-rated books, even if you don’t own a Kindle device.

12. Pearl Trees

This online library makes it interesting to read and download free e-books. Pearl Trees will allow you to download books in various categories of interest provided you’ve created your account for free.

13. Free Computer Books

As its name suggests, this platform offers free e-books in computer-related fields, such as engineering, mathematics, programming, and the likes.

On this platform, you can download unlimited books that suit your desire.

14. LibGen /Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a search engine for articles and books on various topics. It allows free access to content that is otherwise paywalled or not digitized elsewhere.

This platform allows you to download free e-books in pdf, chm, or doc format.

15. Free Tech Books

This online library lists free digital computer science, engineering, and programming books, all of which are legally and freely available for your enjoyment.

16. Open Culture

This is a tailored repository for free educational media. It hosts free online courses, textbooks, audiobooks, e-books, and so on.

Open culture also offers language lessons, all of which are accessible at no cost.

17. Book Yards

This interactive platform that offers an avenue where you can find and download free e-books on various categories including art, business finance, economics, education, and so forth.

Final Words

If you know other free e-book platforms, kudos! This post has been written to give you nothing but the best; as the list (above) consist of tested-and-trusted online platforms that will satisfy your wish – as planned in the heading.

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