Best 5 Tools to Download YouTube Videos For Free

Best 5 Tools to Download YouTube Videos For Free

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Do you need free tools to download YouTube videos?

YouTube has been ruling the internet as a broad avenue where stunning videos are hosted for better viewing of interested viewers.

Watching YouTube videos on the internet can be a frustrating action, as compared to watching it offline; hence, it’s quite imperative to get free and useful tools that will ease the downloading process.

This post will work you through a list of 5 tools to download YouTube videos for free. My tested-and-trusted tools.

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1. Torch Browser

Tools to Download YouTube Videos

This is a chrome-like browser that has tailored functionalities including torch music, torch games, torch web store, and so forth.

Torch browser has a dedicated tool (at the top right-hand side) to download videos on the current website.

Download the torch browser to enjoy its fullest package.

2. HD YouTube Downloader

This is a Firefox add-on that makes it quite easy to download videos from any streaming website, including YouTube. Using HD YouTube Downloader, you will be able to download high-quality videos from YouTube.

3. 1-Click Downloader

This is another free Firefox add-on, which can be used to download videos from video-oriented platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,, Streamable, LiveLeak, and so forth.

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With the 1-Click Downloader, you can quickly and easily download YouTube videos of your choice.

4. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

A YouTube video downloader with MP3 and full-HD downloads. This add-on makes it interesting to download YouTube videos in different qualities and resolutions such as MP4 360p, MP4 720p, MP4 1080p, MP3 HQ 256kbps, and the likes.  

5. Video Downloader Professional

Tools to Download YouTube Videos

A dedicated extension for Google chrome. This extension has the tailored ability to detect video on any website – once it’s installed on the browser.

Video Downloader Professional, as the name implies, is professionally useful to download YouTube videos.

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Videos can best be enjoyed offline; as they remain on the computer and can be reached even when there is no internet connection. Use the tools in this post to your fullest enjoyment.

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