The Best 10 Online Sites to Design Your Logo for Free

The Best 10 Online Sites to Design Your Logo for Free

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If you need good sites to design your logo for free, you can do just that!

The fact needs to be said that your logo says a lot about your brand. Hence, it’s imperative to think of having a quality logo that fine-tunes your business to your patronage.

There are tons of software that allow you to design fine logos, but, considering the time consumption, you will want to try something nifty and easy.

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However, using online tools can save you time and money, and allow you to majorly channel your focus on other aspects that determine the progress of your company or business.

Below are tested and verified 10 online platforms that’ll facilitate the procedure. No design experience needed!

The Best 10 Online Sites to Design Your Logo for Free

1. Place It


On this platform, you’ll find several categories that you can easily choose from. Its categories include bakery, bar, musician, and so on.

Place It has nearly 3000 logo templates that you can re-edit to make your nice-looking company logos

2. Hatchful


This an online tool owned by the top online shop-making engine, shopify.

It considers up to fifteen categories of industries, such as photography, fashion, food, health, etc. Each of these categories can be clicked to start your colourful design.

3. Canva


Canva provides all of the suitable ingredients you need to create your custom logo, fast and free. The mobile app version is available for free on Mobile App stores.

4. Graphic Springs


Whether you intend to design a logo for your business or personal brand, Graphic Springs has you covered.

With graphic springs, you can design fine logos for free, and only pay as little as $19.99 to download your high-resolution logo, which also gives you full access to the logo anytime you want or need it.

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5. Logo Crisp


This is a stunning logo-making online platform that allows you to design fine logos. It has up to 10,000 free designs that you can choose from, and re-design to your taste.

It requires you to sign up or log in (have an account) before you can download or save your logo.

6. WiX Logo Maker


This is a free logo maker app that’s dedicated to the AI-powered Content Management System (WiX) users. Only registered members are allowed to use the platform.

7. Tailor Brands


This online logo maker generates a variety of options based on your style and ideal logo to represent your company’s personality and design.

8. Fotor


This is a classic photo editor that allows you to import and easily design your photos.

However, it provides you with lots of icons, which will enable you to design your beautiful logos in a drag N drop mode. Its mobile app is also available on the mobile app stores.

9. Logo Maker


As the name implies, logo maker is a user-friendly website that allows you to supply your input, and transform it to a variety of fine designs, out of which you can choose your choice and re-edit it to your desired style.

10. Brand Crowd


Similar to Logo Maker, it converts your supplied information to stunning logos both icon-based and text-based out of which you can choose the one that suits your brand, and finish the editing. It’s super easy!

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Final Words: Best Sites to Design Your Logo

There are other online platforms that can equally get the work done, but I agreed to share these ones after testing and using them for different needs.

At the end of the design you may be prompted to pay for the logo before downloading it, you can easily bypass that by using your favourite screen snapping app.

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