Top 10 Legit Online Platforms to Search for Job Openings in Nigeria

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If you’re searching for where to find job openings in Nigeria, this article is for you.

It’s no doubt that the available vacancies in the offices of government in Nigeria, cannot contain the yearly massive graduates that are been produced by Nigerian institutions.

Consequently, fresh graduates tend to look for rich openings in the private sectors, in order to provide for their basic needs.

Companies have changed from displaying openings in local newspapers, to posting them on job-listing platforms. Therefore, it’s imperative to know which platforms are legit, to avoid been trapped or scammed.

In this post, we’ll walk you through a list of 10 legit platforms that are provably genuine in the field.

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The Top 10 Legit Online Platforms to Search for Job Openings in Nigeria

Top 10 Legit Online Platforms to Search for Job Openings in Nigeria
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1. LinkedIn

This is an internet community for professionals and non-governmental organizations in the whole universe.

It enables professionals to network and build an online portfolio, in order to serve their level of experience and expertise to anyone that may find it amazing.

It has a robust job-listing platform where companies and personal brands can post any opening in their various departments.

It’s programmed to allow users from every corner of the world, including Nigeria.

2. is solely a Nigerian website for classifieds. It allows users to list and freely advertise their new and used items, for rent or for sale.

Additionally, companies are allowed to post job openings for the interest of anyone that will deem it fit to drop their application.

3. MyJobMag

MyJobMag is a trusted and verified job board in Nigeria.

It has a directory, which allows big companies and personal brands to post vacancies, for people who may find them catchy.

It’s frequently been used, and thus makes it an active job-listing portal, where you can find up-to-date job openings.

4. Giga Job

Whether you want to secure a job in Nigeria or outside the country, gigajob has you covered.

Gigajob is a large job portal, with about 10 million jobs in 146 countries. It’s a multi-lingual website, which supports up to 38 languages.

It allows job seekers to post their CVs, for employers who may find them interested. Using the two provided search fields (what: the job you are looking for, and, where: your targeted location) on the portal, you can quickly search for your dream job.

5. Jobberman

This is a recognized job portal, made in Nigeria, for Nigerians. It lists candidates’ job applications for employers and helps connect people looking for a job to the companies hiring.

Jobberman is one of the biggest, and one of the most used job-listing directories by recognized companies and sectors. It currently serves 28 states in the country.

It has a user-friendly layout, which provides job seekers with three filtering fields (functions, industries, locations) that will help them to quickly navigate through the engine and find all openings in their prospective field.

6. NG Careers

Just like other job boards, ngcareers provides job seekers with a medium, where they can find available openings posted by Nigerian companies and sectors.

Additionally, ngcareers provides helpful blogs on how to get employed by your targeted companies.

7. Indeed

This is a reputable American worldwide employment-related directory for job listings. It’s been in existence since 2004, and quite one of the leading websites according to Alexa.

Indeed covers the whole world, and thus has covering countries in their sub-domain packages. For Nigerians, it’s ng-prefixed.

8. Glassdoor

This is a large platform with up to 800 employees, making it a cynosure for hot job-seekers.

It’s currently owned by a Japanese firm, headquartered in Mill Valley, California, with branch offices around the globe. It allows sectors to list job openings.

Additionally, Glassdoor allows formal and current employees to post companies’ reviews and their salaries, which makes it easier for people seeking jobs to have a clear idea of what their targeted companies are up to.

9. HotNigerianJobs

With the simple, but interactive layout, this platform got you covered.

HotNigerianJobs is an active online job-listing portal, which connects employers with lucky employees.

It has well-arranged navigation menus (featured, today, yesterday, etc.), which make it easy to see the newest opening.

Its search box (at the top of the site) allows users to search for their desired job or company.

10. JustJobsNG Nigeria

This is a website that provides a simple avenue for employers, who wish to post job openings for the interest of Nigerian job seekers.

JustJobsNG receives and displays job adverts in virtually, all industries and sectors, ranging from banking to agriculture. It’s easy to use, even for the first user.

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Final Words: Platforms to Search for Job Openings in Nigeria

Giving you these platforms does not guarantee you any job soon but to better clear your vision about searching for openings on the verified platforms.

In addition, it’s brought to you in order to make you believe in the existence of online job-listing platforms because they do exist. Good luck!

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