Top 7 Online Drives To Save Your Files And Documents For Free

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Are you looking for free online drives to save your files? Read on!

Businesses flow from different structured records. Files are inevitable when it comes to the process of starting and progressing a business or an investment.

Therefore, it’s compulsory to keep vital documents in a secure and reachable place. Your computer may not be the best place, as it’s not always reachable, and may not be so safe.

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This post will walk you through a list of 10 online drives that will keep your files saved and safe.

The Top 7 Online Drives To Save Your Files …

1. Mega

Currently gives up to 50GB to free users, is a secure cloud storage and file hosting service. It serves over 100 million registered members via its web-based and mobile apps (windows, android, IOS).

2. MediaFire

This is a cloud storage for all sorts of files. It gives up to 50GB free storage (starting at 10GB then tops up when other activities like installation of mobile and desktop apps, are done.

3. DropBox

A file hosting service, available on the web and all common OSs.

DropBox has been known as a secure platform, which puts files together by creating a folder on the user’s computer. It offers up to 2GB free space for initial users.

4. GoogleDrive

This is a tailored online storage, powered by the topmost online tech company, Google. In addition to a website, GoogleDrive provides standard apps with offline capabilities for windows, mac, android, and IOS operating systems.

It offers 15GB of free storage and also gives up to 30TB through optional paid plans.

5. OneDrive

Formally SkyDrive, is a web version of Microsoft Office. OneDrive is a file hosting and synchronization service. It offers 5GB of storage space for free,  and up to 5TB storage with office 365 subscriptions.

6. Yandex Disk

Yandex is a cloud-based storage where users can upload and save files. Links of stored files can be shared among registered users.

It offers a 10GB storage space for free users and gives up to 512 MB on every referral.

7. Amazon Drive

This gives an interactive avenue where users can securely save their photos, files, videos, music, and the likes.

Using an Amazon account, files and folders can be transferred and managed from and to multiple devices.

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Final Words: Online Drives To Save Your Files

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It may be quicker to have your files saved on the local storage, and at the same time, may be devastating.

Always get your files saved on the cloud drives for the betterment of your business records.

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